Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre


Have you ever had a piece of Otoro? It comes from the fattest part of a Tuna fish’s belly. Instead of the normal deep red, Otoro is whitish pink. If you put a small slice in your mouth, just on your tongue, it will slowly fall apart, without chewing, from your body heat. You can’t really tell that you’re eating fish but the texture is unctuous and sensual.

That’s as close I can describe eating a piece of A5 Wagyu. As Singapore’s powers-that-be relaxes its grip on beef imports (due to mad cow disease) and increasing affluence, which means, for better or worse, restaurants are putting Wagyu beef (Japanese or otherwise) to its menus. However, this introduces a big problem…

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Nouvelle cuisine at Michelangelo’s

Salmon Confit on bed of Fennel

Salmon Confit on bed of Fennel – Fennel never tasted to good!

It all started when Janice thought the luncheon at my home was a dinner. She had ordered short ribs and a huge bowl of Tiramisu to bring to my potluck. As it would be a waste to chuck it so we had it for next-day lunch instead. She was telling me about how Chef Victor was now cooking dinner at Michelangelo’s.

Since Dave was in town with Mary for Christmas, a dinner was planned…

We’ve known Chef Victor since his days at 8 On The Bay which, alas, was a restaurant ahead of its time. I still remember his Duck Confit fondly as one of the best I’ve tasted in Singapore. So it was without hesitation that I made reservations at Michelangelo’s.

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In the absence of any standard steak “doneness” chart


Different people have different ideas about steak doneness, i.e. one man’s medium-rare is another man’s well-done. So, for your consideration, I would like to propose using this as a benchmark.


There’s also a doneness for steaks that’s not readily found in Singapore. It’s known as “Pittsburgh Rare” in the US or “Bleu” in France. Basically, if you have very good beef from a trusted source, this level of doneness gives you the best of both worlds: browned outside with a nice crust and full beef flavor inside.


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Dry-aged beef at Astons Prime, Centerpoint


I was hankering for some Argentinian Beef steaks so I contacted Aston to see if he had some. Unfortunately, the demand for Argentinian beef is very low in Singapore. Alas.

As an alternative, he said he’d obtained some 21-day dry-aged beef recently and wanted to know if I was willing to give it a try. As I’ve been a (highly privileged) guest at a home that buys dry-aged beef from the supplier directly, I knew I was in for a treat.

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Inaugural Dead Cow Society Dinner 2009

[Background for the confused: I wrote this in January, a few days after the US Presidential Inauguration Lunch. I wrote it and forgot about it and finally discovered it as I am preparing for my year-end review. Certainly things have changed but better late than never I guess.]

Well, the Dead Cow Society has its own inaugural dinner too. Granted in our inauguration, there will be definitely less dancing in the streets than the U.S. President’s inauguration ceremony but I think we have better wines.

And I am still kicking myself for not bringing my camera to capture the new offerings at Cafe de Amigo.

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