The Dead Cow Society at Bistro Amigo at Funan Center

This Is Who We Are And This Is What We Do

Once again, the Dead Cow Society gathered to thin the herds of cows that are causing inconvenient truths for the good of Mankind while Womankind stays at home to look after Childkind.

As it is getting harder to find a good unpretentious steak place that offers waiver of corkage, we went back to our ever-reliable steak place, Cafe de Amigo, except now it’s called Bistro Amigo.

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Happy food at Azhang 2.0


This blog was rather surprised when he saw this entry announcing Azhang’s possible closure. My first reaction was “who in the right mind would double rent at a time like this?” Apparently the landlord (I think it’s CK Tang) has a different business model. I can’t comment further about said business strategy because CK Tang, beginning with a small suitcase, built a mega-business, retail empire that spans the world whereas I just run a food blog.

Anyway, there is no helping it but to organize a dinner featuring all our favorites at Azhang so that we can save up on the memories until Patrick and Ava finds a new place to open Azhang 3.0.

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The Steakhouse At Clarke Quay

We were trying to organize a Dead Cow Society Dinner so we called up The Steakhouse at Clarke Quay to inquire about corkage. We were told that they charge corkage based on the wine and the vintage of the wine that we bring. Anywhere from $40 to $90.

This is the first time we’ve heard something so outrageous. I wonder what they will charge for a 20-year-old Wolf Blass Yellow Label (actually a fine wine) and a 2000 The Armagh (an excellent wine).

This encounter left an unpleasant taste in the mouth. With a corkage policy as dodgy as this, we did not bother with what else The Steakhouse at Clarke Quay has to offer.

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Aria At The Singapore Esplanade


The Singapore Esplanade is a busy noisy place where people gather at the seafront area to drink alcohol and watch massive construction going on till late in the night when not attempting to imbibe some culture inside. The excellent live acoustic band performing in the open air bar fights a losing battle with the penetrative sound of numbing progress.

Wait a while and, for a mere $30, you can find yourself up in the air inside a massive Ferris Wheel for a bird’s eye view of sea brightly lit by the construction site’s floodlights all the while taking care not to be blinded by the welding torches which adds a festive sparkle to the whole facade.

Unfortunately, Aria is located at the Singapore Esplanade and Ganesh had been raving about the Chateaubriand served at Aria for a long time now. And this blog has had many good meals at Aria. After all, the former team from the late Les Saison was transplanted there.

Dave was in town and looking for some dead cow because his doctor said his (Dave’s, not the doctor’s) cholesterol levels were dangerously low, he was slightly anemic and recommended he take more red meat, so we decided to mobilize the Dead Cow Society, related alliances and friends to give Aria’s Chateaubriand a try save Dave.

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Dead Cows In Zambuca At The Pan Pacific Hotel


Vegetarians! Ignore the religious zealots (we put the “Fun” back in “fundamentalists”) who say that if God wanted us to be vegetarians, he would have given us more than one stomach and thicker tooth enamel. Sneer at the Darwinists who say that we eat meat because we are born with incisors like our ancestors. Who cares if vegetarianism goes against natural law? You have the right to believe in what you want. And you’d be pleased to know that the Dead Cow Society is dedicated to supporting vegetarians around the world by eradicating cows. One meal at a time.

And of course, there is nothing quite like a guys’ night out where we bring out the whiskey and wines that we hide from the women and eat pretty much what we damn well please.

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