Friends came over and, unfortunately, I didn’t burn rice


It all started when I sent out an email with the title “If I made Mee Siam would you come?” At the time, I was really into making a good bowl of Mee Siam and had made a batch of Rempah from scratch. As you don’t see my Mee Siam efforts documented, it means I’ve not had satisfactory results. Anyway, I was gratified to receive favorable responses.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, we had to postpone a week; which was a good thing because Vicky told me that she loved Clay Pot Rice, so I thought let’s kill two birds with one clay pot and got everyone to come over for a casual lunch.

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Where I cooked a simple lunch for 3 ladies who, to my surprise, very kindly did the dishes after the meal


It’s supposed to be a casual lunch where, for the very first time, I cooked for 143. Since it’s easier to cook for 4 than for 2, I asked her to bring her trusted friends, people whom I know only through 143’s stories.

Indeed, I planned a menu of 4 courses for 4 people but over the week, the menu mutated slightly…

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Weekend Home-cooking with Moules Marinière, Tomato Galette, pan-fried duck breast and a deep chocolate with sour cream pound cake


She was talking about Moules Frites for a while now. So I proposed doing Moules Marinière (with frites of course) but I had some confusion with Moules à la Provençale which is basically Moules Marinière with tomatoes and (more) herbs.

She’d also found a nice recipe for a nice Tomato Galette (I had proposed doing David Lebovitz’s Tomato Tart but I’m easy…) The other agenda was to practice doing pan-fried duck breast for Joan’s home-coming dinner.

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And I made apple ice cream


Old friends were coming to lunch and I decided to do a simple meal consisting of Mentaiko Pasta (more about this in a later post) and roast beef for the mains and a Baked Pineapple with a frangipane crust for dessert, but my work schedule this week was horrendous, so I decided to do something simpler like an Apple Ice Cream.

It is interesting to note that I’ve never really come across Apple Ice Cream before, only sorbets or granitas. A quick consult with the Baker Who Cooks made me decide that there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be such a thing as an apple ice cream.

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Feed 2009

Photo by Catherine Ling

Photo Credit: Catherine Ling

There are some people who are born to par-tay and there are some who hide out in the kitchen. This blog belongs firmly in the category of people busy cooking for the party, wondering what those people are doing in the kitchen.

Year-end 2009 was a great time where I accidentally invited a lot of people into my home to eat. “Accidentally” because while I tend to restrict the number of guests to about 6 because I have a small apartment but such things, as they often do, take a life on its own. Anyway, here’s a collection of notes, comments and whatnot, mainly for my future reference but it might interest you somewhat.

It all started when I ordered 5.6kg worth of dry-aged beef…

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