Lupicia at Great World City, Singapore


Tea is a complex subject with it’s different variations, categories and even its own language, it can be intimidating. I’m sure many of you have walked out of teashops where the salesperson is either condescending or shallow or both. And given the high prices of tea and its associated paraphernalia, we are unsure if we are receiving proper value or merely taken for a ride.

Surely there is an easier way to appreciate and enjoy tea?

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Pekoe & Imp


The Faerie Imp, to my mind, is one of the most cultured persons I know. She has more culture than me and unpasturized yoghurt. When she started taking tea lessons, I didn’t bat an eyelid because it’s just a natural progression for her.

But when she mentioned in passing that she’s organizing a pop-up shop serving and educating people about tea, it’s time to take serious notice.

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The Wok & Barrel on Duxton Hill


KF Seetoh once said to me as we were waiting for Nasi Lemak that Singapore has become a nation of fearful eaters because people have become leery of fat, sugar and other evils like trans-fat and carbohydrates. I have to agree and I can do nothing as I see some people who’d only eat lean meat, at the same time ingest pellets of oil for the sake of health.

With such a stigma against fat that can be traced back to the time when, in school, we had to attend classes on “Health Education”, I had a difficult time trying to write a blog entry on The Wok & Barrel’s Nasi Lemak which is literally “Fatty Rice”.

Fat and Carbohydrate: faced with the Twin Axis of Dietary Evil, it’s an uphill task against bad propaganda and misconceptions.

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40 Hands at Tiong Bahru


Previously, without Facebook or Twitter, you would have to send several postcards a day to friends and other people about obligatory observations of your morning meal, daily commute, whinges and, naturally, updates on bowel movement.

People receiving your postcards everyday would likely think that you are an idiot with an issue of narcissism. However, with Facebook and Twitter today, you are someone who is engaging in “Social Networking”.

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Whisky Live Singapore 2011 – Spiritual learning from the Devil’s Snare of the Soul


“Strong licker is a mocker of Man” as the saying goes, but I’ve always liked attending Whisky tasting events and this time an imp came by and dropped off tickets. Very much like Cinderella, but sans finicky made-to-measure footwear and ugly stepsisters.

And since it was the day before Vesak, Buddha’s Birthday; the path in my spiritual learning was clear.

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