Whisky Live Singapore 2011 – Where my spiritual path was definitely 100 Proof


The Gaelic “usquebaugh”, meaning “Water of Life” is where the word “Whisky” comes from. The rest, you can google yourself because I’m not some lazy freelance twit of a writer who assumes that everyone else does not have an Internet connection and access to Wikipedia.

Anyway, this blog attended the event and one of the highlights was getting to taste a Whisky distillate from the Strathisla Distillery (“Strat-Ai-Lah”) by the Chivas Brothers. This is basically Whisky before it becomes Whisky, developing more complex flavors by sleeping in a cask for a minimum of 3 years (for Scotch Whiskys).

It was so green that other than a few floral notes, there was very little discernible aromas as your nose hairs curl up and die and your nose basically shuts down. The taste had slight herbaceous notes, fleeting because the liquor evaporated almost completely on my tongue.

More importantly, I didn’t go blind. So stay tuned for more about the Whisky Live Singapore event. 🙂


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BYO & Steak


Jean asked:

Where would you recommend for good hearty roast beef, roast lamb, steaks? Nothing too fancy, just the good old meat done really nicely. I have a few bottles of nice reds and would love to enjoy them with some meats. Unfortunately many places like Bistro du Sommelier don’t allow BYO. So I’m out of ideas.

A few places come to mind…. Huber’s Butchery Bistro (if they even allow BYO!), Aston’s, The Ship, Jack’s Place??? Would Australian/New Zealand restaurants here serve good hearty steaks since they are trying to support their own meat industry? I’m short of contacting Meat and Livestock Australia/New Zealand to ask for suggestions. Help!

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Angels and flying saucers at Parker in Asia 2010


Wine is a serious business. So serious that in 1954, the village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape passed a municipal decree forbidding flying saucers (or, in their phrasing, “Flying Cigars”) for fear of affecting their vineyards. All flying saucers that violated the decree were to be impounded immediately.

Now you know why I find it hard to be serious about wine.

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Papa Palheta on Bukit Timah Road


After a long hot afternoon of food photography, The Urban Explorer and I decided to caffeinate. The Urban Explorer is a coffee aficionado, so ordinary coffee would not do.

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The Malaysia Eat List 2010


My friends and I made a short trip north of the border over the Easter weekend to Seremban and Kuala Lumpur. It’s become an annual food pilgrimage for us. And despite the traffic forecasts of alarmist pundits with a journalistic bent, the travel up at 4pm, via the North-South Highway, was smooth; even with a short stop at a roadside collection point for the Malaysian Police Daily Wage Supplement.

It was a fun trip where we observed the little differences like how Malaysians like light soy whereas Singaporeans tend towards the dark; the standardized usage of the genteel “Tandas” (as opposed to the vulgar “Jamban”) versus the Singaporean thesauric “Gents”, “Washroom”, “Toilet” and yes, in rare cases “Jamban”; the technically competent, soft sell techniques of Malaysian mobile phone salesmen compared to our take-it-or-leave-it, tidak-apa temps. And the food, oh my…

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