Fergus Henderson at Osia


As part of the World Gourmet Summit event this year, Fergus Henderson came to Singapore and participated. You have no idea just how happy I was to hear of it. His recipes are a joy to read and experience.

And when I heard that a lunch featuring some menu items of St. John’s, without looking at the menu, I wasted no time in signing up.

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Opening stuck jars of Marmite


I like Marmite. Most friends from overseas know that and would, to my utter delight, bring a jar from abroad when they visit.

My favorite would be a jar of XO Marmite presented to me by Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme. Of course, the huge jar of Marmite from New Zealand (from a Swiss friend who had her wedding there) is also my favorite; mainly because it tastes very different: rich yet lighter, even the color is different, chocolatey brown instead of mud brown or black.

You can tell that, for me, next to Marmalade and Pâté, there’s nothing finer to put on hot buttered toast. A tradition of mine would be to have a hot buttered Marmite toast with strong black coffee on Christmas night watching the telly.

Of course, one of the most troubling thing about Marmite jars is that the lids tend to get stuck something wicked after a long period of refrigeration. First thought was a violent solution but that was quickly dismissed as a short-term fix with a long-term storage problem. Brute-force with a tea towel was halted when I heard an alarming crack.

Finally, as I was making coffee, inspiration alighted: I filled a bowl with the remaining hot water and inverted the jar so that the lid came fully submerged underwater. A bubble or two emerging, indicated success.

I can now have my hot buttered Marmite toast. Cheers!

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“Properly made marmalade has no peer as the crowning glory on a piece of hot, buttered toast. On a morning dark and drear, it is superbly restorative, a welcome lift as the new day begins, sweet but not cloying, a ray of sunshine spooned from a jar”
– R. W. Apple Jr.

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Roasted marrow on toast


Bone marrow; the very term invokes a Pavlovian response from me as it is a treat that I allow myself no more than just a few times annually.

I love all things marrow from the fabulous Muslim Indian Tulang Merah (Mutton bone marrow in spicy, eggy red sauce with cabbage and peas) to the traditional English Roasted Marrow on toast.

By itself, bone marrow is quite flavorless but it is a fabulous flavor enhancer. It is the Neutron Bomb of flavor: it explodes in your mouth leaving no trace of itself other than an incredible mouth-feel of indescribable richness.

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The Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Cambridge

Aberdeen Angus Burger with Blue Cheese Dressing

I probably shouldn’t be writing this as I still cannot put a finger on my heavy sense of dissatisfaction with the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Cambridge, UK. However, the food was great and you should go find out for yourself if it’s true.

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