Pekoe & Imp


The Faerie Imp, to my mind, is one of the most cultured persons I know. She has more culture than me and unpasturized yoghurt. When she started taking tea lessons, I didn’t bat an eyelid because it’s just a natural progression for her.

But when she mentioned in passing that she’s organizing a pop-up shop serving and educating people about tea, it’s time to take serious notice.

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Sushi & Sake


Sushi is one of the most delicious ways to preserve fish. Raw fish placed on vinegared rice wrapped with an outer layer of seaweed. The sweetness of the fish balanced by the pleasant tartness from the rice (optionally with a umami boost from the seaweed).

However, I usually don’t drink Sake when eating Sushi. Before or after is fine but I find there’s a clash with the vinegar and rice. What do you think?


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Fried Kway Teow

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”

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Parochialism has no place in a global context


There’s a rather lively discussion on Facebook. It started when I was linked to Robyn Eckhart’s Eating Asia blog entry: “George Town: The State of the (Our) Stomach(s)” by alert reader, Umami.

There are a few write-ups and blog entries in the discussion, so I’ll include them here:

Anyway, I’ve read Ms. Eckhart’s blog entries and the article and after reading them, I’ve summarized these main points:

  1. Ms Eckhart objects to Seetoh’s proposal of the Singaporean Street Food Evolution as a model for the world to follow.
  2. There is too much celebrity and maleness in the Council.
  3. If you’re contemplating a street food-fueled tour of southeast Asia you’d be crazy to skip Penang. And oh yes,
  4. Ms. Eckhart did not attend the World Street Food Congress 2013 because of prior plans and she writes for publications that do not accept free food or lodgings.

Dramatics aside, I agree with Ms. Eckhart’s points, however I feel that they do not tell the whole story.

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A quick guide to the World Streetfood Congress 2013


The World Streetfood Congress is dedicated to awww screw this: let the deep thoughts come later but for now, head on down to the event at F1 Pit Building & Paddock, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975.

There are many reasons to do this and they are…

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