Mirabelles at Le Bistrot du Sommelier on Prinsep Street


“For 2 weeks only, we have fresh Mirabelles! They are in season for only 2 weeks! You must try them!” gushed Chef Patrick. There is nothing more mouth-watering than talking to a cook who’s excited about his ingredients and how he intends to use them.

We were supposed to go for the Michel Roux brunch but some couldn’t make the date, so we decided to do a dinner to make-up for the missed Roux opportunity. It happened that the Tuckers are regulars at Le Bistrot du Sommelier, so we thought it would be great to introduce the Andersons and Jeff to the place that we love.

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Le Bistrot du Sommelier on Prinsep Street


The kitchen door burst open and Patrick came out, spotted me and said, “ah! You must be the one who ordered the Cassoulet!”

Generally, it is not desirable to be singled-out in a crowd but when it is your favorite chef, it’s a gleefully good thing.

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L’Entrepot Bistrot at Clarke Quay (near the bungee)

Lobster Bisque (with Bokeh)

Ironically, sometimes having a pedigree can be an albatross around one’s neck. Such is the predicament for Chef Sufian of L’Entrepot Bistrot. It seems that everyone is going to his restaurant just because he was formerly from Iggy’s and then complain how it’s not like Iggy’s.

That hardly seems fair because:

  • L’Entrepot is not Iggy’s
  • Which part of Bistrot you don’t understand?
  • [reminder: think of polite way of asking if people are just looking for a cheap Iggy’s.]

In all fairness, don’t you think we should simply look at the present without the burden of the past?

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Incontro at Robertson Quay


Ever since Benjamin Wallace’s book, The Billionaire’s Vinegar was published, there is a renewed cry of credible provenance on expensive bottles of wine.

What’s more interesting is Wallace’s observation of the purpose of people purchasing rare bottles of wine; it is mostly for bragging rights than anything else. After all, who can say what a, say 222 year-old wine, tastes like? You can only nod appreciatively at the amount of money spent for the expensive bottle.

Personally, as a metaphorical existential-you-are-here, I belong as one of the dirty, sweaty men shoveling coal into the fires of the engines as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet run gaily past.

So what can mere mortals, non-captains-of-industry do to enjoy wine?

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The Dead Cow Society at Bistro Amigo at Funan Center

This Is Who We Are And This Is What We Do

Once again, the Dead Cow Society gathered to thin the herds of cows that are causing inconvenient truths for the good of Mankind while Womankind stays at home to look after Childkind.

As it is getting harder to find a good unpretentious steak place that offers waiver of corkage, we went back to our ever-reliable steak place, Cafe de Amigo, except now it’s called Bistro Amigo.

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Posted on 14th Aug 2009 in Dead Cow Society, Food and Drink, French, Meat  |  7 comments

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