A tasting at Cafe Arcadia, Tampines

Tampines! The largest residential estate in Singapore; so well-designed that it won the United Nations World Habitat Award for Excellent Housing Design; so big that it even has its section of people online seeking love (warning: there’s a pop-up on the “love” link, but it’s pretty funny to see so many Tampinites there).

The name “Tampines” (pronounced “Ten-pee-niss”), according to hearsay, was named so during the time when Sir Stamford Raffles decided to see if the legend of the Merlion was true. After a long trek from the Raffles Hotel on Beach Road, he spotted a curious creature and cried, “Oh! I say, that blighter has got 10 p- Quick! Farquhar! After it!”


I think the person whom I heard say this smoked something illegal while watching Urotsukidoji and never quite recovered.

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Posted on 28th Oct 2006 in Food and Drink, Hainanese, Tze Char, Western  |  Comments off

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cincymetal.com: ?hhis is vital a? you would certainl? nnot want a pet dog entrance do?r to open...

Rexic: Would have agreed with you but then I saw Pontian wanton mee with nacho cheese...

ivan: Thanks! I just think it’s a tired argument that doesn’t make sense.

Bugger: Btw, kacang puul looks amazing!

Bugger: Hear! Hear! So called “authenticity” is a great hurdle to emergence of new...

MervC: I like they way they bring out the massive chunk of tuna, and the great knife skills,...

ivan: Yes you are. 🙂

MervC: Look like Hashida Sushi. Am i right?




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