Eating Hungarian Szalonna in Singapore

Mangalica Pork

Hungarian Szalonna (Sah-Lon-Na) is a fantastic piece of pork product; it is basically your back bacon with rind that’s smoked. And because it’s part of traditional Hungarian cuisine, it’s readily available in any butcher or supermarket.

Hungarians usually spear a piece of the Szalonna on a piece of wood and hold it over the fire till it sizzles and then place it on a piece of bread to catch the drippings. It’s crunchy, fragrant and ooooh-so good.

In restaurants, if you order pork done in “Gipsy-style”, this means your pork chop will be topped by a beautifully round of crispy juicy Szalonna as pictured above. And if your pork is from the Hungarian Mangalica pig, you’re in for a real treat.

On my last trip to Budapest, I managed to score a small block of Szalonna from the local butcher. For research purposes, naturally. But since I’ve neither a fireplace nor Mangalica pork chops available in Singapore, this is what I did…

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Memza Restaurant & Cafe In Budapest

Only In Singapore Do They Expect You To Extract Your Own Marrow

Every time we are in Budapest, we try and stay on Kiraly utca (King’s Street) in District 7 because it is a very long street that is well connected with the Hungarian Metro (3rd oldest in the world, the first 2 being London and New York) as well as very near to the train station. Good for business meetings.

Actually that’s a lie. We stay there because it’s a great starting place to walk around Budapest and it has a lot of good eating places, art galleries, artisan bakeries, tiny bookshops, bike repairs and a Voodoo shop. If Singapore’s Holland Village grows up, it will want to be just like Kiraly utca.

And just off Kiraly utca, on the Ferenc Liszt Ter is the famous Franz Liszt Academy of Music where on cool Spring nights you can hear snatches of music as the doors open and audience members rush outside for a mid-concert cigarette break.

There are many restaurants here in the Ferenc Liszt ter (Franz Liszt Square) and it seems that only the Memza Restaurant & Cafe is always crowded with people.

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Ruszwurm Confectionery On Castle Hill, Budapest


I have heard talk and rumor of an old-school confectionery that was over a hundred years old hidden in a small street on the Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest. I didn’t know the name but I’ve tried looking for it for a few times however for reasons of inclement weather or a full bladder, the confectionery remained elusive.

I caught a lucky break when the weather turned warmer (3 degrees Centigrade) and so I managed to trudge 3km from my hotel to the hill to resume my search. Yes, the lengths this blog will go to to get a cup of tea.

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Replay Cafe at Deak Ter, Budapest

Narrow Streets

This blog does not use guidebooks. Not because of any masculine need to prove his manliness, but because he tends to forget to make a trip to the library or bookshop prior to the trip as there is simply just too many things to do before flying off, especially for a business trip on short notice. So any restaurants or eating places he finds is due to the fact that this is a lucky blog with a keen sense of hunger heightened by desperation and driven by ice cold winds at 2° Celsius.

The Replay Cafe near the famous Deak Ter is one such lucky find.

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