A Review Of Devagi’s On Thompson Road (Providing Perspective)


We had a bad experience at Devagi’s on Thompson Road and some people aren’t happy that we weren’t happy. This blog once made the comment on Channel News Asia that the more negative a blog entry is, the more people like to read it. This is especially so since I’ve posted my impressions and memories of our dinner at Devagi’s on Thompson Road.

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Devagi’s Restaurant On Thompson Road


Organizing dinner at Devagi’s Restaurant has got to be the most upsetting experience we’ve had so far. It all started when I mentioned that I was very curious to try Devagi’s as I pass by her restaurant every day, it always seems so empty. Florence immediately seconded the proposal as she saw the extensive advertising on the Asian Food Channel, proclaiming Devagi as the “Spice Queen”. In Asia, if you give yourself that title – I assume it is self-proclaimed because I cannot find any supporting document or article – you have to be really good.

What really piqued my curiosity was that I could not find any proper reviews about Devagi’s cooking. Most write-ups and reviews were about her cookbooks and her wonderful personality. Intriguing no?

Unfortunately, we almost gave up going there.

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Kinara at Holland Village (A Review)


[This is a review commissioned by yum.sg in January 2007.While this blog was reimbursed for the meal, there was no other payment. Yes, yes this blog occasionally does reviews.]

North Indian cuisine is both fascinating and delicious. Most people would think of Tandoori Chicken, and Naan when it comes to North Indian food, but it is so much more.

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Sunday Brunch at Vansh

collageWhere do Indian movie stars eat when they fly down to Singapore? Your guess is as good as mine but chances are, you can find them at Vansh.

Vansh is an ultra-hip restaurant next to the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Many books and web sites will recommend that you take a stroll next to the cool waters of the Singapore River and chill out at Vansh.

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Coming Soon to a Blog near You

Diwali Dinner.


Posted on 24th Oct 2006 in Food and Drink, Indian  |  Comments off

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