Zsa Zsa’s Warung and Satay Power

collageGot an email for a taste test of Satay made from Sirloin steak.

Needless to say, this blog did not hesitate to respond in the positive especially after so much has been written about it.

Apparently, the chef and owner, Shafudin, did such a great satay that when he moved from Bedok, ieat, the person that organized this, tracked the man down to Jalan Kayu.

Anyway, travelling there took a lot of coordination that involved 2 cars, a wireless car phone, 3 Expressways and a multitude of directional instructions.

Yes, it is a heavy cross that we bear.

After a long journey and a car parking exercise that involved, albeit temporarily, blocking up Jalan Kayu, we arrived at Zsa Zsa’s Warung. Satay Power is located just outside the Warung and has an arrangement of sorts to sell Satay there.


“Warung”, I am reliably told, means “A place where many many good things to eat happen”.

This bode well because I was getting hungry.

In true Singaporean fashion, we were fashionably late; and found Shafudin busy working his magic over the hot flame.

RIMG0070 RIMG0075

What is different from the normal Satay is that he does not sprinkle oil over the Satay periodically like most Satay men do.


Instead, the secret according to Shafudin, as he dips the Satay in a small plastic box, is in the marinade.

Whichever the case, Satay happened and it was really good.

RIMG0098 RIMG0099

Thick, tender, juicy sweet pieces of meat that slid of the skewer like passengers escaping a crashed plane. Seriously good stuff.

As a Vegetarian alternative, Shafudin also prepared a Satay Salad which really appealed to me.

RIMG0112 RIMG0113

Crunchy onions and peppers slathered with a rich Satay sauce. Yes, this should appear in all Vegetarian menus.

RIMG0126 RIMG0139

We ordered Chicken Wings and the Warung was kind enough to serve us Indonesian Rojak. The Rojak was sweeter and dryer than the local Rojak but no less tasty.

This is another Vegetarian dish that tastes so much better than the usual Some-oil-poured-on-vegetable Salad. I love salads. And I find the salads in Asian far more interesting.

Then came the main event. The one that we’ve all been waiting for.


The Beef Sirloin Satay.

RIMG0130 RIMG0131

Silence ensued as the mastication began.

It was good. The beef was slightly overwhelmed by the Satay marinade, but the beef flavours came through.

The skewer I got was burnt and very chewy, but others got the more tender brethren. 😉

My opinion was that the suggested price of $1.50 is too much, especially if the delectable beef is termed as “Satay”.

This is because people tend to compare apples with apples. Not many people are going to spring for $1.50 a stick when it can be had, albeit lower quality, for $0.50 a stick.

Besides, 3 sticks of the $0.50 variety combined is bigger than the $1.50 Beef Sirloin Satay. And with the Satay marinade masking the taste, people, being people, will question if it is indeed Beef Sirloin.

My suggestion was to rebrand the Beef Sirloin Satay into something other than “Satay”, one example was “Kebabs” or sell it as a “Steak” set featuring 4 skewers and the Satay Salad.

That would’ve been cool. 😛

Anyway, dessert arrived in the form of what the Warung terms as “Bananarama”.


Wickedly good. Especially when the ice cream had a chance to mingle with the fried banana and head off together home for some gooey frolick.

RIMG0145 RIMG0147 RIMG0144 RIMG0156

More dessert came and I could not remember what they were called because of the fine wines and Grappa.

It’s amazing how fruit drinks can affect the mind.

Anyway, Zsa Zsa’s Warung and Satay Power is located on Jalan Kayu, in between the famous-but-not-very-good Prata Shop and a Franchised Western BBQ place.

Satay Power is true to it’s motto: “Big in size, bigger in quality, power in taste”. Worth a visit. Unfortunately, it is open only at night. Alas.

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