Gordon Ramsey’s Marinated Mushrooms


I was surfing the web looking for marinade ideas when I found Gordon Ramsey’s video of Marinated Mushrooms. There’s no recipe in the traditional sense, not that you need any, because it’s so simple. But gosh, it’s delicious.

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Braised Beef Short Ribs

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Stews and braises traditionally use poor cuts of meat to create a delicious meal. However, there is nothing wrong to “luxe” it up by using premium ingredients like Beef Short Ribs.

Braised Beef Short Ribs are one of the most delicious things to eat. And the leftovers are very versatile where you can shred it to stuff Ravioli or simply spread potato mash on bread and lay the shredded short ribs on to make a primo sandwich.

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Casual Saturday Lunch

Braised Beef Short Ribs

I’ve begun to lose interest in Beef as a meat because the variety of beef out there has gotten boring; it’s always Wagyu this and Kobe that. Sadly, they all taste the same and they are all prepared, in my opinion, improperly for this breed of cattle.

Ryu Murakami once wrote that people are brand-conscious because they are unable to discern quality for themselves and hence rely on brands to tell what is good and whatnot. And in doing so, we lose the ability to think for ourselves.

Mindful thinking replaced by fast, flashy blurbs.

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Angelo’s on Kiliney Road


We’ve all known Angelo Sanelli for many years from his 12+ years at Michelangelo’s to Mietta, so I won’t bore you with the story because Google is your friend.

Angelo has opened his latest incarnation on Kiliney Road and we decided to pay him a visit. And us being us, we decided to go off menu.

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Michel Roux of the Waterside Inn at the Brunch 78 of the Ritz-Carlton Singapore


Michel Roux was at the Ritz-Carlton Brunch 78 and the whole of Singapore turned up. Well, at least the bits of society that considers itself gourmands. The creme, as it were, were seated in the fine Chihuly Lounge while the rest of us dregs sat elsewhere.

These days, I greet each invite with ennui and thus study the menu and beverage list carefully before agreeing to a Champagne brunch. Another consideration is the maturity of the PR managers; after all, we wouldn’t want what was private to become public affairs.

Fortunately, the M&C 2003 Grand Vintage Champagne offered made an adequate quaffing beverage and, after all, Michel Roux was helming part of the brunch menu; so OK.

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