Incontro at Robertson Quay


Ever since Benjamin Wallace’s book, The Billionaire’s Vinegar was published, there is a renewed cry of credible provenance on expensive bottles of wine.

What’s more interesting is Wallace’s observation of the purpose of people purchasing rare bottles of wine; it is mostly for bragging rights than anything else. After all, who can say what a, say 222 year-old wine, tastes like? You can only nod appreciatively at the amount of money spent for the expensive bottle.

Personally, as a metaphorical existential-you-are-here, I belong as one of the dirty, sweaty men shoveling coal into the fires of the engines as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet run gaily past.

So what can mere mortals, non-captains-of-industry do to enjoy wine?

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Slow Food At Basilico Of The Regent Hotel

Filleto alla Griglia con Funghi Misti al Tartufo

Now, I’m not one for buffets because, frankly, you tend to overeat, parents use children as offensive linebackers to the more popular dishes and most of the time, the food’s mediocre, but since March, I’ve been hearing rumblings from trusted gourmands about a new Italian buffet that’s blowing everyone away.

So when Slow Food Singapore was organizing a luncheon there, I thought: why the hell not…

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Chiamata Ripetuta a La Strada

Pasta Carbonara

After a great experience last year, we decided to revisit La Strada in January, hopefully for a repeat experience.

Unfortunately, it’s just wasn’t the same; the magic is missing.

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Off The Beaten Track At Oso Ristorante At Bukit Pasoh

Flying Fish

Since it’s relocation announcement last September at a Slow Food luncheon, I’ve been wanting to revisit Oso to see what the new ristorante looks like and more importantly, how’s the food like at the new place.

I was almost late and in my haste I strode in the door and requested for a table for two and was greeted by the legendary Phillipe Pau formerly of Les Amis Catering and the person who made L’Aigle d’Or one of the finest French restaurants in its day. Thus seated, I began to leaf through the wine list (looks good) when I noticed that Oso Ristorante had changed its name to Absinthe.

Yes, its a classic Ivan Dummkopf move. Anyway, Phillipe was gracious enough to lead me upstairs and handed me over to Stephane Colleoni, manager of Oso Ristorante.

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D.E.A.L. At Jaan In The Swissotel Stamford

Gnawed Thumb

It was shaping up to be a long day when I left the office to finally pick up my laundry that had been languishing for a few days. I was dozing in the cab when an SMS arrived from Joone! asking if I have been to Jaan lately.

I rarely ask people to join me for meals now because of a recent misunderstanding which ended with the relationship with a still dear friend turning cold and unpleasant as a sauerkraut.

Anyway, this is one of those times where the Principle of D.E.A.L kicks in. This concept is similar from the D.E.A.R. programme. D.E.A.L. stands for Drop Everything And Lunch and it’s not as popular, acronym-wise as Drop Everything And Dine, but whatever.

Faced with collecting laundry or lunch with a friend, it’s a no-brainer question; so it was off to Jaan with Joone! in hopes of a good lunch as we were very late.

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