Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar


She kept looking up at me, concern in her eyes as I was laughing; grinning like a fool, I was slurping the ramen with tears rolling from my eyes and perspiration off my back.

Happiness in a bowl of noodles.

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Yayoiken at the Meidi-ya Supermarket in Liang Court


As a school kid, I never had much pocket money. My parents weren’t rich and I was too embarrassed to ask for pocket money raises. As a result, to go out on dates, I had to save up for weeks.

At that time, one of my favorite restaurants to bring a date to was Hoshigaoka at Centerpoint. Mainly because the meal sets were fix-priced and hence presented a fairly immobile target to save for. And because each set consisted of an appetizer, a main, dessert and fruit (inclusive of coffee or tea), there was little danger of the date ordering something that would bust my meager savings. Strategic thinking focuses limited resources for maximum impact.

Yes, yes, there are always the cheaper alternatives but at 16, the skin is thin and impressions are painfully magnified.

And so when I saw Yayoiken opening at the Medi-ya supermarket, it brought back many memories of happy dining.

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Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre


Have you ever had a piece of Otoro? It comes from the fattest part of a Tuna fish’s belly. Instead of the normal deep red, Otoro is whitish pink. If you put a small slice in your mouth, just on your tongue, it will slowly fall apart, without chewing, from your body heat. You can’t really tell that you’re eating fish but the texture is unctuous and sensual.

That’s as close I can describe eating a piece of A5 Wagyu. As Singapore’s powers-that-be relaxes its grip on beef imports (due to mad cow disease) and increasing affluence, which means, for better or worse, restaurants are putting Wagyu beef (Japanese or otherwise) to its menus. However, this introduces a big problem…

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Sandaime Bunji on Millenia Walk


Grilled Ox-tail

Simon was in town to pick up a toilet sink and because we hooked up with Mei Lin and Higuchi, we had a fantastic weekend of BBQ Crabs and Fatty Weng.

Come Monday, it was a time for a more quiet, contemplative lunch. We decided to contemplate on Sandaime Bunji because Higuchi-san emphatic about how good this place was.

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Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita on Duxton Hill


It is said that the Japanese have an acute over-developed sense of specialization. They are the world’s foremost perfectionists, even more so than the Germans. Witness the Japanese Matsusaka Beef, Americans talk about beef marbling but when it comes to a showdown, the Japanese Matsusaka beef makes American USDA Prime look positively emaciated.

It was after a heavy lunch of Nasi Lemak when Meilin insisted that we give Flor Patisserie a try because she heard the cakes were very good.

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