The socialization of strangers with sushi (So an imp, a pescetarian and a fat man walks into a sushi bar…)


It all started when Mia organised dinner for a few groups of people at the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant and almost everyone bailed on her for one silly reason or another. While this blog remained true and faithful, that dinner event was well and truly fucked.

I felt sorry for Thomas, the Chef-Owner, who most definitely would have had ordered food specially for the dinner which did not happen. No respect and no commitment.

Fast-forward a few months, I was still hankering to do some good sushi – you know, the kind without the conveyor-belt – so I asked if Mia would organize another dinner but this time it will be a small group with my online friend, the Faerie Imp.

Most of the time, my motivation for meet-up is very appetite-driven. 🙂

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And I made cured Hamachi

Homemade Salt-cured Hamachi

I am a little ambivalent about David Chang and Peter Meehan’s Momofuku recipe book because some of the recipes produce results which are not consistent with the photos. For example, my results for their Onsen Tamago recipe is more consistent with Douglas Baldwin than David Chang.

However, one recipe in the book is spot-on and that’s the Cured Hamachi. I’ve made this from the Momofuku Recipe Book by David Chang and Peter Meehan and it’s been a hit with everyone I’ve served it too.

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Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark

Charcoal-roasted Scottish Salmon with Date-Soy Glaze

Charcoal-grilled Scottish Salmon with a Chinese Date-Soy Glaze

Upon passing through the levels of screening at the Marina Bay Sands, I am reminded by Dostoevsky who once wrote that the degree of civilization can be measured by entering its prisons.

My natural sense of curiosity was piqued when I was allowed access to the lifts with a backpack with the briefest of glances. How many of the staff, I wonder, are really trained for such work and is their presence motivated by a need for security or the need of people to feel secure?

Dark were my thoughts as I attended lunch hosted by my uncle at Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark.

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Dinner at Cilantro, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a discussion on sous vide cooking amongst other things over drinks at Frangipani


Simon had been talking about Cilantro for the longest time now, so he made reservations a few weeks before my arrival and persuaded Chef Takashi Kimura to create a menu for us.

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Michel Roux of the Waterside Inn at the Brunch 78 of the Ritz-Carlton Singapore


Michel Roux was at the Ritz-Carlton Brunch 78 and the whole of Singapore turned up. Well, at least the bits of society that considers itself gourmands. The creme, as it were, were seated in the fine Chihuly Lounge while the rest of us dregs sat elsewhere.

These days, I greet each invite with ennui and thus study the menu and beverage list carefully before agreeing to a Champagne brunch. Another consideration is the maturity of the PR managers; after all, we wouldn’t want what was private to become public affairs.

Fortunately, the M&C 2003 Grand Vintage Champagne offered made an adequate quaffing beverage and, after all, Michel Roux was helming part of the brunch menu; so OK.

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