Robert Rainford in Singapore

Robert Rainford

This blog loves the Asian Food Channel because it is useful as a clock (every show is about 30mins, great for timing roasts); it makes for good company when he is alone at home cooking or fulfilling his domestic duties and is a source of inspiration.

I enjoy the quirkier shows like the River Cottage series and New Scandinavian Cooking where Andreas usually uses 2 measures of brandy (“one for the salad, the other one is for the Chef who is freezing”). What I also enjoy is Robert Rainford’s show “Licence to Grill” which is on now regularly at 8pm, around the same time as I get home from work. So when I saw the ad for a BBQ dinner with him as host, I immediately sent out an email to my friends.

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Happy food at Azhang 2.0


This blog was rather surprised when he saw this entry announcing Azhang’s possible closure. My first reaction was “who in the right mind would double rent at a time like this?” Apparently the landlord (I think it’s CK Tang) has a different business model. I can’t comment further about said business strategy because CK Tang, beginning with a small suitcase, built a mega-business, retail empire that spans the world whereas I just run a food blog.

Anyway, there is no helping it but to organize a dinner featuring all our favorites at Azhang so that we can save up on the memories until Patrick and Ava finds a new place to open Azhang 3.0.

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Hello Sunshine!


Am back in the SG and I’m recovering from an over-abundance of good food in HK where I had soya bean curd as smooth as egg whites in a shack and egg whites as tasty as soya bean curd at a dairy.

Even though taxis are way cheaper in HK than SG, I rode the MTR to the restaurants carrying first growths and Champagne and to fulfill a dear friend’s lifelong dream, we trekked through wilderness for roasted feral birds.

Apologies to the HK bloggers, I wanted to contact you guys but I was swamped with work and was taken out nightly by mine hosts in a whirlwind of wanton debauchery which included a members’s party at Dragon-i which I didn’t attend because I was too tired to bust a move.

I didn’t do a lot of shopping but somehow in my mellowed-out meanderings, I ended up with 4 bottles of white Bordeaux (Le Clementin du Pape Clement 2006), 2 bottles of Sauternes (Château Doisy-Védrines 2001), 4kg of Rose-scented and Liver sausages, 5 bottles of spectacular XO sauce (with Yunnan ham!), numerous handbag table-hangers and a cheesy fridge magnet in the shape of a basket of Xiao Long Baos.

(Here’s an important tip: Declare everything at Customs; it’s way cheaper than you think.)

I am beginning to regret not buying the Yunnan Ham though…

There’s a Chinese saying “rou shan, jiu hai”, I think they were referring to this.

Pork Thigh


Full details coming as soon as I can upload the 15Gb of photos…

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Chiamata Ripetuta a La Strada

Pasta Carbonara

After a great experience last year, we decided to revisit La Strada in January, hopefully for a repeat experience.

Unfortunately, it’s just wasn’t the same; the magic is missing.

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This Blog & WordPress

This blog started with WordPress 2.2 (if I remembered correctly) and after numerous upgrades, the internal plumbing looked really bad. The final straw came when I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and that pretty much took down my blog for about 6 hours, during which, according to my stat counters, there were still 300+ visitors; which goes to show that nude pictures of Angelina Jolie (by way of search engines) are still very popular. 🙂

I fixed it but I wasn’t really happy with it. Ask my former colleagues and they will tell you that I have a habit of throwing away everything and starting from scratch if things weren’t up to standard. I really wasn’t happy with the state of my blog’s internal plumbing.

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