Restaurant Home at The Rail Mall, Bukit Timah


It’s the holidays and Jeff was in town. He quickly organized a dinner at Restaurant Home because he read about it in the papers and wanted to give it a try.

For those who’ve lost track of Executive Chef Tan Yong Hua, he was last in Joo Chiat’s Chudao (which has since moved to Rivervale Walk, Sengkang). He’s supposed to be a celebrity chef but we didn’t hold that against him. 🙂

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Diamond Kitchen in Laguna Park, Marine Parade Road

2013September2121-Diamond Kitchen-6

I must confess that when I saw photos of Andrew’s lunch at Diamond Kitchen about 2-3 weeks back, I was salivating. That man sure can take good photos of a pork rib.

Being veteran makankaki, we are ever ready to spring into action at the sound of a SMS delivery.

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Casual Sunday Lunch


It all started when S wanted me to make Uni Pasta.

We’ve started cooking weekend lunch for each other, alternating turns. She’d do a White Truffle Ravioli with a Black Truffle Sauce and I’d do a 6-course Izakaya-inspired meal. It was during one of these lunches when I made her my Mentaiko Pasta, she proposed the idea of Uni Pasta.

I was a little taken aback because while Mentaiko is not cheap, it is not near in the same league as Uni. It’s amazing how expensive the gonads of a dioecious echinoderm are. (Don’t you just love Wikipedia?)

Also, for a while now, I’ve been racking my head on what to cook for two friends with diet restrictions. So I decided to kill two Pescetarians with a box of gonads.

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Upcoming Sunday Lunch



  • Lightly-cured Hamachi with Furikake and Edamame Wasbi sauce
  • Nasu Gratin: an eggplant gratin with Miso Tofu sauce
  • Basil Tofu Salad with Gorgonzola by S


  • Uni Pasta with caviar by J
  • Roast Leg of Lamb stuffed with Mint & Parmesan


  • Dessert by M possibly involving pears & chocolate
  • Possibly Whisky & Port

Just so that I don’t forget.

It’s fairly Japanese-y in theme because I like the cleanness of the flavors and since it’s simple home-cooking, I can prepare most of the dishes the night before and simply assemble and heat on the day itself.

The Eggplant Gratin is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time because it involves making Tofu into a sauce, it’s fairly complicated but it should be fun.

The Uni Pasta should be easy to do but I hope it will be well-received since Uni can be iffy and is very expensive. And I do hope there’s leftover Uni because I love Uni-butter toast.

The Roast Lamb is mainly for me and the guys because, well, I like Roast Lamb and I don’t mind having it for the rest of the week as sandwiches.

This will most probably the last time I do the cured Hamachi because I’m bored with it but I’m featuring it here because I have Pescetarians coming over and I’ve not mastered cooking fish yet. I have several new recipes for cured Salmon and Mackerel I want to try out.

Almost forgot to add: I finally broke down and bought my first set of Noritake China mainly because someone is asking me to upgrade from my cheap but very good Ikea tableware and there was a sale. So first use will be for this Sunday lunch. 🙂

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Longjiang Seafood at Commonwealth Avenue

Crab Vermicelli wrapped in Opeh leaf

Since everyone was living around the area, Jeff organized dinner at Longjiang Seafood when he read about it in the papers.

This was a refreshing change for me because usually good restaurants don’t occur near me; I have to like, hunt them down.

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