BBQ Crab in the pursuit of happyness



Previously, this blog was introduced to the concept of BBQ crabs by Meiling. I’m not particularly keen on crabs or any other crustaceans for that matter but I suppose it was a combination of good company and good Sake that did the trick: I really like the BBQ crab from Happy Crab.

And one way to prolong the happiness is to spread it around, very much like Marmalade (there’s nothing like those happy dollops of concentrated sunshine crowning hot buttered toast). Thus, I asked M and the Imp if they would like BBQ crab.

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The socialization of strangers with sushi (So an imp, a pescetarian and a fat man walks into a sushi bar…)


It all started when Mia organised dinner for a few groups of people at the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant and almost everyone bailed on her for one silly reason or another. While this blog remained true and faithful, that dinner event was well and truly fucked.

I felt sorry for Thomas, the Chef-Owner, who most definitely would have had ordered food specially for the dinner which did not happen. No respect and no commitment.

Fast-forward a few months, I was still hankering to do some good sushi – you know, the kind without the conveyor-belt – so I asked if Mia would organize another dinner but this time it will be a small group with my online friend, the Faerie Imp.

Most of the time, my motivation for meet-up is very appetite-driven. 🙂

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Happy Crab at Guillemard Village


This blog seems to be fulfilling everyone’s craving these few days. Someone had a craving for pizza and off we went to Pizzeria Mozza and this time, Meiling had a craving for BBQ crabs and after (quite) a few drinks, the guys all agreed to have BBQ crabs. Which shows what good guys we are. 🙂

Now, almost everyone knows this blog dislikes crustaceans like lobster, crabs and especially prawns; I cannot abide prawns at all. And so I was surprised when I finished an entire large-sized crab all by myself.

As it was my first time eating such a large crab by hand, I mishandled it and got a thorn impaled upon my finger; Like all virgins, I bled copiously from my first experience…

…well, at least I got a good dinner out of it.

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The KL Eat List 2011

2011Apr24-Yut Kee-12

It seems to be de riguer to show how well traveled one is (or at least how well-off the parents are) by reminiscing about the time one spent in the west as a student and repeat ad nauseam about that one visit to a famous restaurant.

Unfortunately, this blog is unable to follow the norm especially on this recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because he was traveling with a seriously bad-ass sore throat and a fever that no amount of drugs soothe or comfort. However as the car cautiously ate up the 230 klicks of asphalt and road kill, with Pink Floyd on the stereo, there’s a feeling of serenity, secure in the knowledge that we’re in for a magnificent makan.

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Soo Kee Mee on Medan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wok Hei

I’ve always been fascinated by professional cooks using the Chinese Wok to transform ingredients into palatable wonders. The primal roar of fire, the crackle snap and pop of boiling oil and the singing spatula with backing sizzle; closing my eyes, I can sometimes tell by listening if there is good eating ahead.

Kitchen cacophony segues into gastronomic symphony; the audible edibles. Like a broken drum, it can’t be beat.

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