Mirabelles at Le Bistrot du Sommelier on Prinsep Street


“For 2 weeks only, we have fresh Mirabelles! They are in season for only 2 weeks! You must try them!” gushed Chef Patrick. There is nothing more mouth-watering than talking to a cook who’s excited about his ingredients and how he intends to use them.

We were supposed to go for the Michel Roux brunch but some couldn’t make the date, so we decided to do a dinner to make-up for the missed Roux opportunity. It happened that the Tuckers are regulars at Le Bistrot du Sommelier, so we thought it would be great to introduce the Andersons and Jeff to the place that we love.

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Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee on Havelock Road


The original Liang Kee restaurant opened by the father (Ng Bak Liang) was in Ellenborough Market. After a long story, documented by the local press, there are now 3 restaurants bearing the Liang Kee name. Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee restaurant is opened by Ng Bak Liang’s fifth son, Ng Hong Seng, hence Mu Liang Zai (literally “Son of Bak Liang” in Mandarin).

It was a slow Tuesday night when I text’d Tony about the possibility of dinner on Saturday and he said he was interested in trying out the new Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee on Havelock Road. And before I know it, a group was rounded up and suddenly what was supposed to be a quiet Saturday dinner became a birthday celebration at Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee.

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Liu Yuan Pavilion on Lockhart Road, Hong Kong


“Mom, who are your friends and how do they drink so much and still party on?” cried a 29 year-old girl to her mom as we made plans, after a fantastic dinner at Liu Yuan Pavilion, to visit dragon-i.

We were on vacation and, taking advantage of the “no duty on wines” in Hong Kong, we brought some good shit. Someone even took the opportunity to ship a case of Champagne magnums from the UK.

Truth be told, after 2 days of Hong Kong’s predominantly Cantonese cuisine, we were tired of it. To be sure, it’s all good, in fact you’d have to go very far to find a street-side cafe or restaurant that’s not very good. However, we needed a change.

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Of Broken Embraces and late night Nasi Lemak


For our effort, we were invited by the Spanish Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Antonio Sánchez Jara to attend the EU Film Festival where the Spanish film, Broken Embraces, was showcased. We knew we were in for a treat when the film opened with a softcore sex scene an artistic expression of transient need and pedestrian convenience in the form of high heels, a newspaper and a cunningly positioned couch.

After the movie, being die-hard foodies, we went for something less artistic and more hardcore.

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Lunch with Ferran Adria


I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast porridge and deep-frying some tofu when I discovered 5 missed calls from TTC. Our dinner with Ferran Adria had turned into a lunch because he had an early evening flight out of Singapore.

Like all busy celebrities that everyone wants a piece of, Ferran’s schedule was unpredictable. But I was told he wanted to sample hawker food. So an alternate plan was formulated.

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