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My friends and I made a short trip north of the border over the Easter weekend to Seremban and Kuala Lumpur. It’s become an annual food pilgrimage for us. And despite the traffic forecasts of alarmist pundits with a journalistic bent, the travel up at 4pm, via the North-South Highway, was smooth; even with a short stop at a roadside collection point for the Malaysian Police Daily Wage Supplement.

It was a fun trip where we observed the little differences like how Malaysians like light soy whereas Singaporeans tend towards the dark; the standardized usage of the genteel “Tandas” (as opposed to the vulgar “Jamban”) versus the Singaporean thesauric “Gents”, “Washroom”, “Toilet” and yes, in rare cases “Jamban”; the technically competent, soft sell techniques of Malaysian mobile phone salesmen compared to our take-it-or-leave-it, tidak-apa temps. And the food, oh my…

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Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant In Koreatown, Sri Hatamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“You don’t have to do any cooking here”, said Simon as I was preparing to place slices of marinated beef on the grill, “in Malaysia, they do it for you unlike Singapore where you’d be slumming it.”

Smack in the middle of Sri Hartamas is Malaysia’s Koreatown. And inside Koreatown, Daorae was one of the “must-go” places during our annual makan tour in Malaysia.

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OK. A few of us will be doing a foodie blitz north of the border, so as the Christmas song goes, “You Better Watch Out…”


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Restoran Dubrovnik In SoHo KL – An Insider Preview

[This blog tends to receive a better class of recommendations for food: from my friend Simon who, if he should start a food blog, will put this blog to shame.]

Attached is an invite to the soft launch for a new restaurant called Dubrovnik in SoHoKL. I did the ID for the place so you’re not allowed to bitch about that aspect. It’s been branded as a Mediterranean restaurant mainly because not many folk in KL know about the Adriatic. The owners and managers are Croatians and their food is primarily Croatian, which is a blend of Eastern European and Italian.

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Fusion Food At Noor Jannah’s Kitchen On Jalan Masjid


The East Coast of Singapore is probably where all the 24-hour Muslim coffee shops started. Some might say it’s because that’s where Geylang Serai is or more accurately, where Geylang is. Vigorous romps makes one hungry and there is nothing like a late-night prata with curry washed down with Teh Alia. In any case, east of Singapore, starting from Kallang, seems to have the highest concentration in Singapore of places of worship, good food and negotiable love.

This blog received a SMS from a friend who received an invite to a tasting at a newly opened stall in a coffee shop located just outside Kembangan Court. As no one has been there before, a contingency restaurant was planned just in case we needed something more substantial.

Our fears were unfounded as food at Noor Jannah’s Kitchen was pretty good.

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