And I made a Balsamic Roast Pork Loin

Roast Pork Loin

Roast Pork Loin

Ever so often someone would post a photo of roast crackling pork and while a lot of care and devotion is dedicated to obtaining a crackling skin, the rest of the pork is ignored; I see dry (or worse: burnt) meat. This does distract from the complete enjoyment of the dish.

It is a tragic waste.

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Notes on the perfect roast beef

Christmas Dinner

I made roast beef for dinner. I also made pan-roasted duck which you can find the recipe here.

I’ve written a lot about roasting beef but this is the latest of what I’ve learnt and it seems to yield consistent results so far. This is not really a step-by-step recipe but notes, mostly for myself, on how to get the perfect roast beef consistently.

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Suggestive Steak Condiments

Beef done Bleu

Jan, a reader of this blog, wrote to me asking for some recipes for sauces to go with steak. Personally, I usually just eat steak with a bit of mustard if the steak is fatty or if I’m feeling fancy, with a sauce made from reduced pan juices deglazed with Balsamic vinegar.

However, if you’re feeling really fancy and want an alternative, here’s my suggestion…

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Charolais Beef at Bar-Roque, Amara Hotel, Tanjong Pagar


I eat fairly little beef these days because I am bored with it. It’s either Wagyu this or Wagyu that or Angus this or Angus that. These days if you talk to me about marbling, grade, tenderness or “beefiness”, I get bored.

The problem I have with beef these days is an overabundance of labels and an absence of taste. While PR Drones will recite chapter and verse from carefully copied PR briefing notes filled with important-sounding technical terms, I find there is very little understanding and, worse, very little flavor.

This is why when Bar-Roque announced that their Charolais Beef has been cleared by Singapore’s AVA, I immediately made plans to have some.

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Regarding marinades, dry and wet rubs


Long long ago, it was a terrible time for meat. The quality was poor and refrigeration wasn’t invented yet. So one of the ways to preserve meat and make it taste (or mask the spoilage) better was the application of marinades or spice rubs.

These days with food spoilage is less of an issue and the use of marinades and rubs have been reduced to making the food taste better. So here’s the rub: when do you use a marinade, a dry rub or a wet rub or do you really need these at all?

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