Chicken Wings Braised in Coca-Cola

Final Product

In one of the episodes of MasterChef Australia, Matt Preston demonstrated his Cola-baked Chicken Wings. It immediately brought back memories of the many BBQs during my school days where we experimented with different types of marinades mainly because in Singapore, Marijuana and other recreational drugs carry heavy penalties which would seriously inconvenience life.

One of the best and easiest marinades was to bung in a can of Coke into a tray of beef, chicken, lamb or just about any meat and wait for 30 minutes. Occasionally, when someone’s parents was away, we’d add bourbon, just to kill any germs that might be around, you know. Hygiene is not a greeting.

Anyway, cooking with Coca-Cola has been around for many years in many cultures because Coca-Cola has conquered more countries than any army in the world and here’s my contribution.

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Kraze Burger at Liang Court


Kraze Burger is a burger (duh!) chain that hails from South Korea. It was brought to my attention by a few friends after a unsatisfactory dinner at Fat Cow (more on that later). So one fine Saturday afternoon, I decided to head out to Liang Court to give it a try.

There’s another outlet at Marina Bay Sands (I think) but since it’s a chain, one outlet should be the same as another. Besides I like the irony of a South Korean restaurant in a Japanese mall serving American food.

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DB Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands


Friday night, we were tired from work and she wanted to try DB Bistro Moderne. I was keen because I heard many bloggers write good things about it.

I like bistros for the basic reason that it’s simple, uncomplicated food that you can sit down, forego the pretensions and just enjoy a good meal with great company. And having walked past DB Bistro Moderne and studying its menu for the umpteen time, we thought why the hell not.

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Beefsteak Dungeon


I purchased Secret Ingredients, The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink because it collected an eclectic mix of food writing by some of the most interesting American writers like Woody Allen, Dorothy Parker, Steve Martin, Calvin Trillin and even a surreal piece by Roald Dahl.

But what attracted me was a 1939 piece by Joseph Mitchell entitled “All You Can Hold For Five Bucks”. It was an exposé on the New York steak dinner or “Beefsteak”. It lamented how the whole beefsteak dungeon (as the underground cellars where the action was were called) scene was ruined in 1920 when it allowed women who insisted on better manners, fancy salads and cocktails. And it defined the different styles of Beefsteak into the West and East side schools.

I won’t go into it in detail as I strongly recommend that you get a copy of the book to read. However, the essay contained intriguing tidbits on cooking and serving the beefsteaks, so there’s no helping but to duplicate this delicious beefsteak dinner.

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A hamburger at Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chophouse


Truth be told, I deal with stress by cooking and eating. Mostly eating. This is why on a particularly trying day at work, I told myself I needed a hamburger for lunch. A serious burger for a serious man on a serious day.

And some solitude. A quiet moment to regroup and refocus. And where better to gain a respite from the grindhouse than a chophouse?

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