Strictly Pancakes in Princep Place on Princep Street


I was arranging a (March) birthday dinner at Bistro du Sommelier when I noticed that the place next door did not advertise alcohol. It turned out to be a pancake joint called, in no uncertain terms, Strictly Pancakes.

But what really caught my eye was the fact that they served a dish that was basically a big thick beef patty between two pancakes. This is because I am slightly jealous of Nicholas Chen’s access to (and intense coverage of) wonderful things such as the “Doughnut Burger“.

Now’s my chance, I thought, to show what Singapore can do in terms of bodaciously beefy edible erotica.

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Fat Boys The Burger Bar on Upper Thompson Road

Wimped-out Fat Basterd

Hamburger is the tenderest cut of beef you can find, bar none. Traditionally, it is made from beef chuck; minced and reformed with minced onions, salt, pepper and a little Worcestershire sauce. Fried or steamed and placed in between two buns, it’s lovely.

It is also very versatile where you can add and riff off almost whatever you like, but that versatility has been perverted in the recent past to the point where a lot of people swore off burgers. While having a slice of foie gras in the burger occasionally is nice, I, for one, decried the absurdity of using prime Wagyu beef for hamburger meat when it was first introduced; all that wasted marbling. In fact, I do remember an article where some unscrupulous restaurants grind chuck with bacon fat and called it “Wagyu Burger”; the point here is that you really can’t tell if it’s Wagyu or not.

These days, perhaps of ennui, I tend towards simpler combinations. This is why, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I headed towards Fat Boys, The Burger Bar.

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Easy Coleslaw Dressing


My camera lens fogged up in the heat of my kitchen

Every time I get invited to a potluck, a voice in me says, “bring a salad! It’s fun, healthy, non-controversial and best of all, everyone can enjoy it.”

That is the voice of Satan.

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Dry-aged beef at Astons Prime, Centerpoint


I was hankering for some Argentinian Beef steaks so I contacted Aston to see if he had some. Unfortunately, the demand for Argentinian beef is very low in Singapore. Alas.

As an alternative, he said he’d obtained some 21-day dry-aged beef recently and wanted to know if I was willing to give it a try. As I’ve been a (highly privileged) guest at a home that buys dry-aged beef from the supplier directly, I knew I was in for a treat.

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Robert Rainford in Singapore

Robert Rainford

This blog loves the Asian Food Channel because it is useful as a clock (every show is about 30mins, great for timing roasts); it makes for good company when he is alone at home cooking or fulfilling his domestic duties and is a source of inspiration.

I enjoy the quirkier shows like the River Cottage series and New Scandinavian Cooking where Andreas usually uses 2 measures of brandy (“one for the salad, the other one is for the Chef who is freezing”). What I also enjoy is Robert Rainford’s show “Licence to Grill” which is on now regularly at 8pm, around the same time as I get home from work. So when I saw the ad for a BBQ dinner with him as host, I immediately sent out an email to my friends.

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