Pickled Grapes

Pickled Grapes

This is easily the most contentious thing that I’ve ever made. Just the description alone made people pucker up and cringe. Until they taste it.

My first taste test with a Euro-centric group garnered high praises, so much so that one actually reserved the pickling liquid to reuse at home.

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Plum & Apple Tart

Plum and Apple Tart

I am not a baker and I suck at making pastry. However, I like cooking meals that end off with dessert. Most of the time I’ll do a jelly or an ice cream but sometimes I’d like to have a bit of baked something.

There’s nothing like sweet delicious fruit that’s in season baked on a crumbly shortcrust pastry. I was looking for figs which are in season now, but I could only find ripe plums and extremely sweet Candy Apples (in time for Halloween).

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Roasted Cauliflower with Yuzukoshō

Roast Cauliflower with Yuzu Kosho

I was tired from work and not very hungry for dinner because I just had a late tea with a friend. I was on automatic pilot when I went into the supermarket so I was surprised when I found half a head of Cauliflower in my shopping bag when I got home.

So there’s no helping but to roast me some Cauliflower.

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Refurbishing your damaged cast-iron skillet


Next to my oven, my cast-irons are my most treasured cooking equipment. This is because it’s very versatile and can stand up to a lot of abuse.

Actually what I love about my cast-irons is the fact that it holds heat very well. I don’t have to worry about dramatic temperature drops when I add relatively cold food to the hot pan. And of course, I can pop it straight into an oven to finish cooking.

However, after a while even the most cared-for cast-iron cookware will need a tune-up. This is especially after cooking acidic food like marinated mushrooms.

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Gordon Ramsey’s Marinated Mushrooms


I was surfing the web looking for marinade ideas when I found Gordon Ramsey’s video of Marinated Mushrooms. There’s no recipe in the traditional sense, not that you need any, because it’s so simple. But gosh, it’s delicious.

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Posted on 3rd Dec 2012 in Food and Drink, Italian, Recipes  |  1 comment

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