Liu Yuan Pavilion on Lockhart Road, Hong Kong


“Mom, who are your friends and how do they drink so much and still party on?” cried a 29 year-old girl to her mom as we made plans, after a fantastic dinner at Liu Yuan Pavilion, to visit dragon-i.

We were on vacation and, taking advantage of the “no duty on wines” in Hong Kong, we brought some good shit. Someone even took the opportunity to ship a case of Champagne magnums from the UK.

Truth be told, after 2 days of Hong Kong’s predominantly Cantonese cuisine, we were tired of it. To be sure, it’s all good, in fact you’d have to go very far to find a street-side cafe or restaurant that’s not very good. However, we needed a change.

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Jiajia Tangbao on Huanghe Lu, Shanghai


It’s a sore point for many Shanghainese when it comes to Din Tai Fung having the best xiaolongbao in Shanghai. Many of them will tell you that Din Tai Fung is not the best in Shanghai because it’s very expensive.

And after waiting for you to recover from laughing at that bit of parochialism, you are then told to try the best xiaolongbao which is served by Jiajia Tangbao.

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How to eat the male Shanghai hairy crab

Shanghai Hairy Crab (Male)

Previously, this blog illustrated the way to eat the female Shanghai hairy crab. This time, in an attempt to balance the karmic score, this blog shall illustrate how to do in the male.

Actually, the process for both genders are similar; the difference is how you fiddle with the reproductive organs to gain access. Much like the case for you Humans too.

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How to eat the Female Shanghai Hairy Crab

Shanghai Hairy Crab (Female)

It’s the Shanghai Hairy Crab season! Many blogs have talked about their adventures with the said face-hugger but none have actually shown you how to eat one. This practical blog will attempt, in stunning digital format, to address this gaping gap in the food blogosphere.

Also, this blog, in an attempt to not boast about his Internet access to Google and Wikipedia, will not use the terms “Chinese Mitten Crab”, “Eriocheir Sinensis” or even “Big Sluice Crab” (which is a great name for a rock band).

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Din Tai Fung in Xintiandi, Shanghai

Din Tai Fung

Xiaolongbao or Tangbao (literally “soup dumpling”) is a famous Shanghainese (yes, yes, Wuxi does them too) steamed bun that comes in a small basket (hence “Xiaolongbao” literally means “small basket dumpling”).

And on a cold afternoon, there is nothing like popping a hot Xiaolongbao into your mouth only to burn your throat with a sudden squirt of steaming soup. And as you open your mouth to scream, the inhalation sucks down the small pliable knob of pork which is exactly the right size to block your throat. As the world swirls and your vision goes dark, you realize that, perhaps, I should lighten up.

But if you must go with Xiaolongbao, you should definitely go with the best Xiaolongbao in Shanghai; ironically, if not controversially, the best Xiaolongbao in Shanghai is from Din Tai Fung, a Taiwanese restaurant.

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