Slow Food at the Tower Club

Shellfish mélange, olive oil ‘cigar’ wasabi nitro

“Ivan, today I promise you real food,” said Chef Edward Voon as I walked in from the lobby.

Remarks ranging from “full of air” to “highly pretentious” have been thrown around the ether. A lot of people, including the perpendicular pronoun, have not been kind to Chef Edward’s food since the days of Dolce Vita and Aurum. So it was with some hesitation that people signed up for this event.

Of course, this was not helped by the rather vague if not cryptic menu. However, as this blog tends towards a sunny disposition when faced with lunch, coupled with a promise of good food, I went forth with an open mind, open heart and an open mouth and was pleasantly surprised.

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Slow Food At Basilico Of The Regent Hotel

Filleto alla Griglia con Funghi Misti al Tartufo

Now, I’m not one for buffets because, frankly, you tend to overeat, parents use children as offensive linebackers to the more popular dishes and most of the time, the food’s mediocre, but since March, I’ve been hearing rumblings from trusted gourmands about a new Italian buffet that’s blowing everyone away.

So when Slow Food Singapore was organizing a luncheon there, I thought: why the hell not…

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Slow Food Singapore at 1 Rochester


This was my first visit to One Rochester. While I had been forewarned by a lot of people about the inconsistent quality of the food (as well as the bad reviews), I still went ahead because with Slow Food Singapore, things tend to be a little better.

Besides, after all that bad press, you’d think it’s best to go see what all the fuss is about no?

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Posted on 23rd Apr 2009 in Food and Drink, Modern European, Slow Food Singapore  |  6 comments

Slow Food Singapore At Aurum


Molecular Gastronomy was supposed to bring “a breath of fresh air to haute cuisine” according to a F&B rag, unfortunately a lot of the air seems to be trapped within uninspired foams or limpid gels in Singapore. It’s a bubble that burst long before, fortunately, it grew big.

This blog is so tired of Gimmicky Gastronomy that it was with some skepticism when he agreed to go for this SFCSS luncheon at Aurum.

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Posted on 8th Jul 2008 in French, Fusion, Singapore, Slow Food Singapore  |  3 comments

Slow Food At Patara Fine Dining


If I had to choose just one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would have to be Thai. The Indians are masters at using spices, the Chinese have no peer in complexity but when it comes to attaining a balance in flavours, Thai cuisine is the way to go. And when the Slow Food Convivium Society (Singapore) decided to have a tasting event at Patara, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Posted on 28th Nov 2007 in Slow Food Singapore, Thai  |  4 comments

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