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Just a quick observation: I watched Julie & Julia the other day and I didn’t enjoy Julie’s scenes. Anyway I noticed that when she made Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon, her casserole (or Dutch Oven or whatever) was very messy and dirty. In fact a lot of photos I’ve seen of other people’s attempts at Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon show the same mess.

If you really followed Julia’s directions carefully, the sides of the Dutch Oven should be clean or at least without that gunk.

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It’s near the end of 2014 and I’m still seeing people using the old “authenticity” stick to win arguments about cuisine. It’s a meaningless label because authenticity in cuisine is a sham. And it can be a millstone hanging around a cook’s neck.

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Spending money

Duck Confit Salad with Alba Truffle Shavings

It is inevitable, such is the court of public opinion, that words like “madness”, “obscene” and even “show-off” are used when we hear of someone spending $300 or more per person for a meal. Some would denigrate this as an arrogant gesture by the rich or even get worked up and angry for one reason or another.

I would recommend that they get angry over something else that really matters instead of at the way people who are lucky to have surplus disposable income spend their money. These people are paying for a memory, a superlative experience.

That experience may not be the same as what you seek but they suit others just fine. I have yet to hear someone sneer at a F1 fan for spending more than $1000 for a pit grandstand seat. Going to an expensive restaurant is no different.


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Describing Beef as “tasting beefy”

I am stunned when I read descriptions like that. It’s a circular description, like saying chicken tastes like chicken.

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Sushi & Sake


Sushi is one of the most delicious ways to preserve fish. Raw fish placed on vinegared rice wrapped with an outer layer of seaweed. The sweetness of the fish balanced by the pleasant tartness from the rice (optionally with a umami boost from the seaweed).

However, I usually don’t drink Sake when eating Sushi. Before or after is fine but I find there’s a clash with the vinegar and rice. What do you think?


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Rexic: Would have agreed with you but then I saw Pontian wanton mee with nacho cheese...

ivan: Thanks! I just think it’s a tired argument that doesn’t make sense.

Bugger: Btw, kacang puul looks amazing!

Bugger: Hear! Hear! So called “authenticity” is a great hurdle to emergence of new...

MervC: I like they way they bring out the massive chunk of tuna, and the great knife skills,...

ivan: Yes you are. 🙂

MervC: Look like Hashida Sushi. Am i right?




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