The NEEDNT List (or Useless Diet Foods Identified)


The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the list was, “how can I get on the diet that includes Alcoholic drinks”? Then I realized, fool that I was, that “diet” simply means that the foods that you usually eat and not some restrictive regimen of bowel-scouring chips. Yes, Muesli bars has suddenly been identified as the Trans-fat of the month. Time to sell your grain commodities…

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Dietary Choices or Carry On Regardless


Basically it started, as I understand it with my limited male-gendered brain, when lady, who is a noted (famed for it really) foodie with special dietary preferences, was displeased when her suitor was unable to suggest a suitably epicurean venue for leisurely discourse, which may hopefully (for said suitor, probably) advance towards intercourse. Or at least some hanky sprinkled with panky.

It further transpired that said suitor had cooked a steak lunch for his family and in the process stuffed himself; thus rendering him impotent to think about food and dinner and thereby earning him his lady love’s displeasure.

Finally, the flaccid evening ended prematurely. Presumably both in their own homes.

So what does this have to do with me? Well, this blog was asked what I thought about the above story, how I would deal with a relationship that included dietary preferences and if there are certain advantages to being a foodie in the pursuit of lady love.

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“Properly made marmalade has no peer as the crowning glory on a piece of hot, buttered toast. On a morning dark and drear, it is superbly restorative, a welcome lift as the new day begins, sweet but not cloying, a ray of sunshine spooned from a jar”
– R. W. Apple Jr.

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40 Hands at Tiong Bahru


Previously, without Facebook or Twitter, you would have to send several postcards a day to friends and other people about obligatory observations of your morning meal, daily commute, whinges and, naturally, updates on bowel movement.

People receiving your postcards everyday would likely think that you are an idiot with an issue of narcissism. However, with Facebook and Twitter today, you are someone who is engaging in “Social Networking”.

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Whisky Live Singapore 2011 – Spiritual learning from the Devil’s Snare of the Soul


“Strong licker is a mocker of Man” as the saying goes, but I’ve always liked attending Whisky tasting events and this time an imp came by and dropped off tickets. Very much like Cinderella, but sans finicky made-to-measure footwear and ugly stepsisters.

And since it was the day before Vesak, Buddha’s Birthday; the path in my spiritual learning was clear.

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