Imperial Treasures At Both Cities


I was supposed to cook the Chinese New Year Reunion dinner this year, however because I had to go on a business trip which concluded on the 4th of Feb, so all plans of a home-cooked dinner were scuttled. This meant dinner at a Chinese Restaurant (non-Chinese Restaurants are not well-known for their Yu Sheng), which I am a little apprehensive because of past experiences.

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Teochew Chive Noodles & Preserved Crabs At Guan Hin

Teochew Preserved Crab

Jeff sent warning that Simon, one of our guides to great food in KL, was coming to town for a brief stop-over. A brief email conference was held to decide on a place for dinner. Simon has one of the sharpest palates around so it will be fun to see what happens.

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Hokkien and Teochew Bak Kut Teh


Was a couple of hours early for what turned out to be an excellent dinner at Papi. So I decided to pop over across the road and get some tea.

Look, I needed something nourishing to fortify myself against the long wait ok? 🙁

Bak Kut Teh is a heavily spiced soup that contains primarily pork ribs. Some people order it with pork liver (it sweetens the soup somewhat) and other innards like stomach and intestines.

Grossed out yet?

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Teochew Preserved Crab at Guan Hin

This is just a quick post before I forget how this dish is made. Feel free to add on to the experience in the comments. The detailed entry for Guan Hin visit to come later.

Anyway, a friend of ours managed to persuade the owner of Guan Hin to make Teochew Preserved Crabs for us. Being a non-crab lover (long story), I was hesitant, but decided to overcome my inhibitions and just go for it.

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4th Anniversary of the MakanKakis at Guan Hin on Whampoa West

The love of food is a mysterious process. Memories of the past bring us together in the present. Infinity becoming Identity.

collage Goose meat Roast Suckling Pig Cold Crab (Double-shelled crab) Sea Cucumber with Pig Tendons Yam paste with gingko nuts Yam paste with gingko nuts RIMG0105 RIMG0107 RIMG0002

I find this to be a warm and happy concept.

RIMG0109 RIMG0084 RIMG0086 RIMG0089 RIMG0090 RIMG0087

While I only joined recently, about 3 years ago, the warmth and often
mad passion of the MakanKakis is where one can draw strength from in
the relentless pursuit of good eating.

Happy 4th Anniversary to all.

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