BBQ Crab in the pursuit of happyness



Previously, this blog was introduced to the concept of BBQ crabs by Meiling. I’m not particularly keen on crabs or any other crustaceans for that matter but I suppose it was a combination of good company and good Sake that did the trick: I really like the BBQ crab from Happy Crab.

And one way to prolong the happiness is to spread it around, very much like Marmalade (there’s nothing like those happy dollops of concentrated sunshine crowning hot buttered toast). Thus, I asked M and the Imp if they would like BBQ crab.

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Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark

Charcoal-roasted Scottish Salmon with Date-Soy Glaze

Charcoal-grilled Scottish Salmon with a Chinese Date-Soy Glaze

Upon passing through the levels of screening at the Marina Bay Sands, I am reminded by Dostoevsky who once wrote that the degree of civilization can be measured by entering its prisons.

My natural sense of curiosity was piqued when I was allowed access to the lifts with a backpack with the briefest of glances. How many of the staff, I wonder, are really trained for such work and is their presence motivated by a need for security or the need of people to feel secure?

Dark were my thoughts as I attended lunch hosted by my uncle at Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark.

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Jane Thai at Orchard Towers

Flaming Tom Ka Gai

Delicious Flaming Tom Kha Gai!

Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme flew in from the UK and I brought her to Orchard Towers which is famous for housing the only country music bar in Singapore.

Q: What do you get when you play a country song backwards?

A: Your wife comes back, dog finds his way home, you get your job back, and you’re no longer just a man, maybe because cowboys are no longer frequently, secretly fond of each other.

I’ve been wanting to bring people for dinner at Jane Thai for ages but never really successful; too much country and not enough western would be my bet.

Fortunately, Su-Lin and her friends were game enough to give it a try and even Cheryl of She Bakes & She Cooks was able to join us after recovering from a headache. With safety in numbers, we ventured forth.

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Rediscovering Coca Suki Steamboat

Preparing the fish glue

I like steamboat dinners. There’s nothing as homely, comforting and communal as a steamboat dinner amongst friends and family. It’s the Asian version of the American backyard barbecue, only less messy.

Coca Suki Restaurant used to be my favorite steamboat restaurant because, when I was much younger, I would save up my NS allowance just to take full advantage of it’s high-quality, all-you-can-eat menu. This is a restaurant where you can bring your family and prospective in-laws to and be assured of a successful dinner where you are guaranteed to project an image of old-school reliability and sensitivity. Much to the relief of your wallet and girlfriend.

However, things changed as they stopped the all-you-can-eat part of their menu, so I’ve never been back ever since.

And when I was invited to a private dinner with friends who are veteran gourmands at what used to be my favorite steamboat restaurant, I immediately marked my calendar.

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Moo Pad Kra-Pow!

Gai Pad Krapow!

This started when I saw TGWAE‘s Flickr photostream where she had a Moo (or is it Gai?) Pad Krapow cookout and it looked so good that I was psyched to cook me some Pad Krapow!

And then I saw Su-Lin‘s photo and post of her version of Moo Pad Krapow! I was hooked.

I used Michele Humes’s recipe for Gai Pad Krapow! on Serious Eats as a base which I adapted to the techniques that my mom taught me.

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