Old Mother Hen On Sims Avenue

Cooking Claypot Rice

Dear friends returned from Paris and a dinner was organized so that well-wishing friends and acquaintances who knew the family could share a meal together.

This is what the Makankaki dinners are all about.

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Posted on 11th Aug 2008 in Food and Drink, Singapore, Tze Char  |  3 comments

New Ubin Seafood On Sim Ming Avenue


Dave contacted us asking for places that define local Singaporean cuisine to bring his friends from the United States. He specifically asked for Chili Crab as his friends are from the Mid West where people think fish comes in square boneless white flesh and they’ve never tasted Chili before. Yes, Dave is a fount of unexpected experiences.

And here’s how we helped to surpr make welcome our guests to the best part of South Malaysia.

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There Are Times When This Blog Wishes He Liked Prawns


Humongous Roe-slathered King Prawns with Steamed Egg and more good eating in Malaysia coming right up.

Posted on 14th Jun 2007 in Chinese, Food and Drink, Malaysia, Tze Char  |  4 comments

Fei Zhai Seafood Restaurant in Seremban


Seremban! City of good eats at fantastic prices. It was because of this we went on a long and complicated drive from Seremban 2 to Jalan Toman 3 to eat at Fei Zhai Seafood, a tze char restaurant. While Jeff had only visited this place only 3 times in the past – it’s always crowded – he knew this was the place to bring us for dinner.

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A tasting at Cafe Arcadia, Tampines

Tampines! The largest residential estate in Singapore; so well-designed that it won the United Nations World Habitat Award for Excellent Housing Design; so big that it even has its section of people online seeking love (warning: there’s a pop-up on the “love” link, but it’s pretty funny to see so many Tampinites there).

The name “Tampines” (pronounced “Ten-pee-niss”), according to hearsay, was named so during the time when Sir Stamford Raffles decided to see if the legend of the Merlion was true. After a long trek from the Raffles Hotel on Beach Road, he spotted a curious creature and cried, “Oh! I say, that blighter has got 10 p- Quick! Farquhar! After it!”


I think the person whom I heard say this smoked something illegal while watching Urotsukidoji and never quite recovered.

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Posted on 28th Oct 2006 in Food and Drink, Hainanese, Tze Char, Western  |  Comments off

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