Eating Hungarian Szalonna in Singapore

Mangalica Pork

Hungarian Szalonna (Sah-Lon-Na) is a fantastic piece of pork product; it is basically your back bacon with rind that’s smoked. And because it’s part of traditional Hungarian cuisine, it’s readily available in any butcher or supermarket.

Hungarians usually spear a piece of the Szalonna on a piece of wood and hold it over the fire till it sizzles and then place it on a piece of bread to catch the drippings. It’s crunchy, fragrant and ooooh-so good.

In restaurants, if you order pork done in “Gipsy-style”, this means your pork chop will be topped by a beautifully round of crispy juicy Szalonna as pictured above. And if your pork is from the Hungarian Mangalica pig, you’re in for a real treat.

On my last trip to Budapest, I managed to score a small block of Szalonna from the local butcher. For research purposes, naturally. But since I’ve neither a fireplace nor Mangalica pork chops available in Singapore, this is what I did…

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The Wok & Barrel on Duxton Hill


KF Seetoh once said to me as we were waiting for Nasi Lemak that Singapore has become a nation of fearful eaters because people have become leery of fat, sugar and other evils like trans-fat and carbohydrates. I have to agree and I can do nothing as I see some people who’d only eat lean meat, at the same time ingest pellets of oil for the sake of health.

With such a stigma against fat that can be traced back to the time when, in school, we had to attend classes on “Health Education”, I had a difficult time trying to write a blog entry on The Wok & Barrel’s Nasi Lemak which is literally “Fatty Rice”.

Fat and Carbohydrate: faced with the Twin Axis of Dietary Evil, it’s an uphill task against bad propaganda and misconceptions.

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Prima Taste Laksa La Mian


Chicken and egg not included in the package

It all started when Su-Lin tweeted about the possibility of obtaining the Prima Taste Laksa La Mian. This piqued my interest because next to Mee Siam, Laksa is my favorite noodles.

However, both Mee Siam and Laksa require a lot of work to make, so any commercial effort to make these two noodle dishes easy-to-prepare would be an instant hit.

Wouldn’t it?

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BBQ Crab in the pursuit of happyness



Previously, this blog was introduced to the concept of BBQ crabs by Meiling. I’m not particularly keen on crabs or any other crustaceans for that matter but I suppose it was a combination of good company and good Sake that did the trick: I really like the BBQ crab from Happy Crab.

And one way to prolong the happiness is to spread it around, very much like Marmalade (there’s nothing like those happy dollops of concentrated sunshine crowning hot buttered toast). Thus, I asked M and the Imp if they would like BBQ crab.

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A preview of Table at 7


I was invited, along with Antonio of Foodie-ah, by Eugenia Ong to take photos for use on their web site. I readily agreed because I’ve tasted Karl and Eugenia’s cooking before and it is good.

After all, one cannot allow food – even if it’s leftovers from photography – to go to waste can you?

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