The 4th Annual Chili Cook-off hosted by the Brown Alumni Club


It’s the annual Chili Cook-off hosted by the Brown Alumni Club. And Ted and El were competing with their vegetarian chili.

I did a double-take: wouldn’t a chili non carne be cheating since it is in its own category? The other thing that brought on a smile were the words “Brown” and “Chili”. Well played Brown Alumni Club, well played.

Anyway, it’s all in good fun and the event is supporting the Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School in Cambodia.

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New Year’s Day Dinner

Simple dinner on 1st January 2012, 7pm. Dress casual (no skirts). See you.


Home-made Chicken Liver Pate with smoked bacon &

Grilled Hungarian Liver Sausage

Served with a choice of baguette or Romaine lettuce


Roast Spicy Pork Shoulder &

Tunisian Lamb Stew

Served with Orange-Lemon Couscous, Petit Pois Ricotta Salad and Momotaro Tomatoes


Home-made Brandy Butter Ice Cream &

Sweets by Vicky

Actually, it’s all home-made… 😛

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Weekend Home-cooking with Moules Marinière, Tomato Galette, pan-fried duck breast and a deep chocolate with sour cream pound cake


She was talking about Moules Frites for a while now. So I proposed doing Moules Marinière (with frites of course) but I had some confusion with Moules à la Provençale which is basically Moules Marinière with tomatoes and (more) herbs.

She’d also found a nice recipe for a nice Tomato Galette (I had proposed doing David Lebovitz’s Tomato Tart but I’m easy…) The other agenda was to practice doing pan-fried duck breast for Joan’s home-coming dinner.

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Champagne brunch at The Westin Shanghai


You aren’t really reading this are you? I mean I can talk nonsense here and you would continue to look at the photo. Well, more nonsense than usual anyway.

But in case you are reading this, we spent a pleasant afternoon at the Westin Shanghai going through what The Wine Review calls “World’s Greatest Brunch”.

That is the tale, the rest is detail.

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A Krug Sunday At The St. Regis


If you are going to drink Champagne in an elegant setting, it has to be none other than with Krug with its elegantly creamy bubbles and masculine robustness. I can hardly think of a more pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday with friends.

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