Astons Reloaded

collageThere’s been a lot written, talked and blogged about Astons Specialities. So there really isn’t very much further to say about it is there?

That’s what I thought until I got a lot of requests from my makankakis to organize dinner at the new Astons Specialities that opened on the 4th of August. So ok.

Organizing this was not easy. Being busy people who work for a living, scheduling this became difficult so the whole exercise was aborted for this. Which was excellent!

Anyway, feeling bad, I decided to try one more time. Astons Reloaded. Success! *Punches Fist in the Air*

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Ah Teng’s Bakery

RIMG0003I was on my way to dinner when I stopped by Ah Teng’s Bakery for a sit-down. Ah Teng’s Bakery is part of the Wedding Confectionery on Beach Road known as the Raffles Hotel.

I was introduced to this place by Carrie a long long time ago. We used to hang out here chatting. Or was it just once or twice?

I really can’t remember, it being so long ago, once upon a time.

Back when the GST was still 3% and we all had to walk 5 miles to school with wild wolves and rabid dogs chasing us all the way.


What I do remember is that every time I try to get one of their famous Ah Teng’s Chicken Pies, it was sold out. Until today.


Unfortunately it was cold, being 3 hours past tea time and it was not the one I wanted. Amazingly, the filling was soft and moist though. Heavily spiced with 5-spice, star anise and curry powder, it quickly overpowered the weak and delicate Earl Grey tea.

I wish the Western and Oriental pies didn’t sell out so quickly.

Anyway, Carrie, do let me know when ok?


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Ï‹berburger at Millenia Walk

collageAnd Zarathustra spoke thus to the people: “I teach you the Ï‹bermensch. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?

“All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?” – Friedrich Nietzsche, “Zarathustra’s Prologue”, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883).

The original translation of “Ï‹bermensch” was “Overman” and not “Superman”. I think it was George Bernard Shaw that took up the “Superman” in his “Man and Superman”.

What Nietzsche is not talking about muscle-bound people wearing their underwear on the outside and zipping around saving the world. He is refering to the “will to power” which he sees as the motivating force of all living things.

One such Ï‹bermensch was Socrates as he calmly sipped his cup of Hemlock while giving his enemies the philosophical and methaphorical finger.

“Power” here does not refer to brute force or domination of others, but something more like “fearlessness”.

Hence, it was without fear that 143 and I went to Ï‹berburger at Millenia Walk. We’ve both heard a lot of things about it. Both good and bad.

Hence, we decided that we might as follow the Aristotelians and go take at look. No point hanging around at the back of the cave like the Platonists, wondering who the hell is making all the shadows and what does the shadow of a deformed rabbit mean.

So. Here is our fearless take on things Ï‹berburger.

It was a slow day. The air-conditioning didn’t seem to be working. This is a bad thing as high temperatures make people sleepy and less alert. While this may be a good thing inside airplanes, it dulls the service staff.

The menu came in an amazing unopenable design that would have made Arthur Andersen proud. After some prying, we managed to get to the first page and ordered what was there.

In addition, we ordered a side of Portobello Mushrooms and some pickles and settled down to wait.


And wait.


And wait.


And wait.


And wait.

Wait, is that our order?

No it’s not. It’s for the people who came in after us.

And so…


We waited. Finally, this blog was assigned by a higher authority, such as a woman, to go hunt for the meat.

Turns out that the serving staff’s computer did not transmit our order to the cook’s computer despite the fact that they were standing next to each other.


Some of you, gentle readers and food lovers, might be wondering why so long and no pictures of food?

Me too.

Anyway, the food finally arrived after another family who came in way after us was served. I can tell you, a thirty-minute wait really whets the appetite.


Despite the fact that we told them that we were hungry, they gave us pickles. Which were quite horribly pickled. Them vegetables were removed from the pickle jar too soon.

Harsh, acidic with a touch of eye-watering acridity: Ï‹berpickles. This is what evil must taste like.

But there is alway hope. There seriously is not much you can do to spoil Portobello mushrooms. Especially a $5.50 Portabello Mushroom, is there?

RIMG0087 RIMG0085

To use the word “miniscule” to describe the mushroom would leave me no word to describe my satisfaction.

Finally, after the world has been fed, our lunch arrived at 3.15pm.

RIMG0096 RIMG0092

Can you give me a Hallelujah?

Anyway, the burgers are about your standard gourmet burger size. Mine was the Ï‹berMonster burger or something like that. It meant an extra 50g of beef and some bacon.

RIMG0101 RIMG0107

I ordered medium rare, but it came out well-done. While you can really taste the beef, it was slightly dry on the inside, not quite what I expected after reading the reviews for this restaurant.

Anyone whose had a FatBurger will know the kind of juiciness that is expected of a premium burger.


The bacon also came as a surprise. Dry and limp that added no moisture and taste to the burger. The pig died in vain.

And yes, I agree with everyone who’s been there: the hamburger buns subtracts from the whole “Premium” experience.

143’s review of her burger was simply: “MOS burger tastes better”.

We quickly finished the food and walked out. Service was bad. Food was so-so and it was all über Preis festgesetzt. I mean take a look at the mushroom.

To use the original translation of the over-used “über”, überburger is über steuerpflichtigem.

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Last Meal at Astons Specialities

collageBefore the next one…

Had a craving for good and simple food, so I emailed Dachsie, my gastronomic co-consp friend and she arranged it all by pulling Lonely Hams, Ducks and a seriously hung-over Englishman and a Norwegian.

If you have been to the UN, you will know this task is as easy as herding cats. Ordering big lumps of meat is easy-peasy in comparison.

Anyway, it so happens that big lumps of meat was the unifying factor. I mean, how often have you heard of Prime Roast marinated in Burgundian wine for 2 days served in a blistering hot coffeeshop?


Also, is "It so happens…" a proper phrase?

Anyway, while I requested that everyone be there at 1130hrs, lunch started at 1230hrs. I shall do 1030hrs next time.

Tau Kua Pau

Anyway, since I was early, I had a Tua Pau with coffee for my breakfast while Dach, ever the intrepid adventurer, ordered what turned out to be a most delicious Tau Kua Pok whose sourish sweet taste went very well with the Bordeaux we had. Well done!

RIMG0004 RIMG0003

The other agenda of the day was the Christening of Dach’s Riedel O’s. It is a most ingenious design, especially for cramped situations such as coffeeshops.

Much as been said about the wonderful food available at Astons Specialities, so I won’t bother waxing what is already lyrical.

It turned out that this was the last day of operations for Astons as they will be moving to 119 East Coast Road on the 4th of July 2006. Just 2 doors down.

RIMG0019 RIMG0031 RIMG0013 RIMG0034 RIMG0007 RIMG0030

Also, for dessert, we had a simple chocolate sponge cake from Awfully Chocolate that was approved by MrsBudak.

Chocolate Sponge Cake RIMG0041

All in all, I thought it was a nice lunch with friends. Will definitely go back again (and again).

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Astons Specialities on East Coast Road

collageWe were discussing about a Tequila Night some time in May (yes, these things take planning way in advance), when Jeff left an interesting postscript. Keywords were: Prime Rib, Marinated, Burgundy, 2 days, 1Kg, about $55.

Hence with a quick email, a show of hands and a phone call, we were off to East Coast Road.

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