And I made Lap Mei Fan

2009Apr20-Lap Mei Fan-1

Ever since I announced that I scored some Lap Cheong (“La Chang” in Mandarin or Chinese Air-dried Pork Sausage) and Yun Cheong (“Ren Chang” in Mandarin or Chinese Air-dried Duck Liver Sausage) from the famous Yung Kee, I’ve been asked, constantly, if I have used them to cook Lap Mei Fan, the classic one-pot of good eating.

I agree with Josh that calling these delightful treats “preserved sausages” does not pay it the proper respect that it commands. Indeed, he waxes (ahahaha!) lyrical about them here.

This trip to Hong Kong, I tried to load up on the sausages but unfortunately (or not) Yung Kee only sells the sausages during the Chinese Lunar New Year, so we went to the equally famous Wo Hing Preserved Meat Company just down the road.

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Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa On Serangoon Road

This Here Is What We Call Medium Rare

There were two great Tze Char finds in 2008, one was Cafe de Hong Kong which everyone is heading to now and the other is Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa on Serangoon Road.

While I’ve been there a few times, my first visit was tinged with skepticism as I am not partial to seafood. That night I left kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

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Chinese! New! Year! Menu! Preview! At! Yan! Ting! With! Yahoo! Flickr!


Once again the Singapore! Yahoo! Flickr team with St. Regis invited a group of bloggers to preview the Chinese New Year menu at Yan Ting. I was part of the group.

Up till now, Yan Ting has not fully recovered from the initial reviews which is unfortunate because the Executive Chef Chan Siu Kong is doing his best, but sometimes, it’s a hard climb that is often beset with the fine line of little things that separate the great from the rest.

The event was programmed to start at an unreasonably early time of 6pm; one wondered if Yan Ting had Teochew agricultural roots. Not being a farmer, I asked if the dinner could be delayed as, very likely, most of us finish work at 6pm. We were granted a last minute extension of 30 minutes.

It’s these little things…

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Cafe de Hong Kong On Balestier Road


It is not easy to open a restaurant with a name that has come to be synonymous with mediocre food. At least that’s the reaction I get when I tell people about Cafe de Hong Kong on Balestier Road.

The owner, Francis Mak, approached one of us during one of our dinners and invited us for a tasting at the newly reopened restaurant. It turned out to be one of the best discoveries we made for this year.

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Buddha Jumped Over The Wall & We Had Champagne


This started out a year ago when someone (Jeff, I think) suggested we do a “Buddha Jump Over The Wall” dinner. And what better accompaniment to this fine Fujian dish than Champagne?

That’s the easy part; what’s difficult is finding a restaurant able to deliver quality without cutting our throats.

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