Desperate Parma Swirls

Parma Swirl

Again with the potluck. I like potlucks because it gives me an opportunity to spring a surprise on unsuspecting people. In the case of Parma Swirls, the first time I created it was when I got a call about an ad hoc potluck.

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Posted on 11th Jul 2010 in Baked Goods, Recipes  |  5 comments

Baking Day


Of all the culinary arts which includes food science, cutting, grilling, roasting, stir-frying, cursing at imbeciles and appearing on TV, the least understood art, for me, is baking. It is a very big gap in my knowledge simply because I have no idea what to do with the resulting baked goods. And while I left it well alone, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to bake. Thus I was fortunate to have Cheryl of The Baker Who Cooks come over last Saturday and show me.

This is her account.

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Posted on 29th Jun 2010 in Baked Goods, Fun  |  5 comments

Sweets by Vicky


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I attended the first Farmer’s Market at Loewen Gardens last weekend. It was a strange affair which I will write about in another entry. This here’s about cupcakes sold at the farmer’s market by someone, I presume, called Vicky.

I had walked past Sweets by Vicky and didn’t pay much attention when I first arrived because I got a little distracted. Later when looking for dessert to complete a picnic lunch, I decided to check out Sweets by Vicky as of all the baked goods stall there, she looked most appetizing.

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Posted on 12th Feb 2010 in Baked Goods, Singapore  |  2 comments

Avocados in Black


“… but it’s just expresso with a scoop of ice cream in it!”

“I love avocados!” she squealed at dinner.

“Well, I like them but not really a big fan,” I repiled. “However, I do get a care package of a case of avocados from relatives now and then.”

“I like it when mooshed with gula melaka,” I continued. Her eyebrow furrowed in confusion, trying to make sense of what I said.

I didn’t think about it until after a dinner of a decent Lechon and satay, we wanted dessert and coffee.

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Posted on 27th Jan 2010 in Baked Goods, Drink, Food and Drink  |  9 comments

Ruszwurm Confectionery On Castle Hill, Budapest


I have heard talk and rumor of an old-school confectionery that was over a hundred years old hidden in a small street on the Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest. I didn’t know the name but I’ve tried looking for it for a few times however for reasons of inclement weather or a full bladder, the confectionery remained elusive.

I caught a lucky break when the weather turned warmer (3 degrees Centigrade) and so I managed to trudge 3km from my hotel to the hill to resume my search. Yes, the lengths this blog will go to to get a cup of tea.

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Posted on 2nd Mar 2009 in Baked Goods, Food and Drink, German, Hungarian, Old School  |  3 comments

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