A preview of Table at 7


I was invited, along with Antonio of Foodie-ah, by Eugenia Ong to take photos for use on their web site. I readily agreed because I’ve tasted Karl and Eugenia’s cooking before and it is good.

After all, one cannot allow food – even if it’s leftovers from photography – to go to waste can you?

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The Disgruntled Chef on Dempsey Road


It was only when I was asked to do an interview of Daniel Sia that I realized that he had become Chef and co-proprietor of The Disgruntled Chef. This blog is not one for the latest news in the local dining scene; mainly because new restaurants, like wine, tend to do better with some age.

Looking at the menu, I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by people who were hungry because, damn, everything looked so good.

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Hubert de Bouard de Laforest at Seven on Club


Truth be told, I’ve no idea what to expect from Seven on Club since it has gone through so many iterations from Mediterranean to Modern European. I ended up chilling on the veranda, sipping Champagne with Peter, reminiscing on the whiskey dinners he used to have in his World Gourmet Summit line-up.

We also touched upon how the Michelin Guide has finished its recruitment of inspectors and how they are making the rounds now. Truth be told, how many restaurants in Singapore do you think really qualify for a 2-star rating (much less a 3-star)?

More importantly, how many restaurants can sustain 3-star levels of quality and service? Is the pursuit worth it, especially with such a small market? How many restaurants will, like the Ouroboros, end up eating itself in the never-ending pursuit?

Anyway, M. Hubert was in town and the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage de Singapour was tasting wines from his portfolio and Ted had the brilliant idea of pairing the red wines with red meat.

That is the tale, the rest is detail.

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Weekend Home-cooking with Moules Marinière, Tomato Galette, pan-fried duck breast and a deep chocolate with sour cream pound cake


She was talking about Moules Frites for a while now. So I proposed doing Moules Marinière (with frites of course) but I had some confusion with Moules à la Provençale which is basically Moules Marinière with tomatoes and (more) herbs.

She’d also found a nice recipe for a nice Tomato Galette (I had proposed doing David Lebovitz’s Tomato Tart but I’m easy…) The other agenda was to practice doing pan-fried duck breast for Joan’s home-coming dinner.

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The Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Cambridge

Aberdeen Angus Burger with Blue Cheese Dressing

I probably shouldn’t be writing this as I still cannot put a finger on my heavy sense of dissatisfaction with the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Cambridge, UK. However, the food was great and you should go find out for yourself if it’s true.

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Posted on 23rd Nov 2009 in English, Food and Drink, Meat, Modern European  |  3 comments

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