Good eating on Lorong Selamat in Penang


Malaysia is famed for its excellent street food and there’s no better place to experience this than The Pearl of the Orient, Penang. The concentration of street food and coffeeshops in Georgetown is fantastic and most convenient for the lazy tourist.

In particular, Lorong Selamat stands out as a destination worthy of making a detour from your Butterfly Farm (excellent!) and Spice Garden (mosquito trap) sojourns.

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Penang Recipe on Upper Thompson Road

Assam Laksa

My first experience with Penang Assam Laksa was at the Gurney Drive beachfront before it all got relocated because of serious erosion. It was an epiphany for me on the balance of flavors. On the seafront with a strong wind blowing in, it was comforting yet spicy and very playful. Much like the shoes of Jimmy Choo, a Penangite.

It was as if the entire troupe from Riverdance were having a party in my mouth. With fireworks. Within a space of 10 minutes, I had slurped down 3 bowls of Assam Laksa. It was an experience I have not forgotten.

The closest I’ve ever been to recreating the experience in Singapore was the Penang Hawkers Fare at the York Hotel. Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to them. Thus, I’ve been on a lookout for a nice Penang Assam Laksa.

Recently, I’ve noticed a small restaurant called Penang Recipe on Upper Thompson Road that featured Penang cuisine. It had Assam Laksa and the other famous Penang dish Lor Bak. So there’s no helping but to give it a try no?

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Fermented Durians & Fish Sauce at Saramz Makanan Kampung Kelantan on Lorong Haji Hussein, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


One thing that is absolute in KL is that eating with Simon is never dull. He has detailed details and dirt on places that just boggle your taste buds.

Take for example my second day in KL where I got out of bed still feeling very mellow (since the painkiller hasn’t worn off yet), Simon decided to throw me into the deep end of ethnic Malay cuisine.

Truth be told, Kelantanese cuisine is in a class of its own with Thai influences and Kelantan being on the coast of Northern Malaysia, hence fish is a dominant ingredient in Kelantanese cuisine.

Take for example Budu, a Kelantanese fermented fish sauce. Every significant culture with a coast line has a fish sauce from the Thai Nam Pla to the Korean Jeotgal, from the Roman Garum to the British Worcestershire sauce. Basically, what you need is fish, salt and heat – it’s the mix of spices that varies culturally – and you’ll get a nutty cheesy sauce that will either whet your appetite or make you (wimp!) lose it.

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Of Broken Embraces and late night Nasi Lemak


For our effort, we were invited by the Spanish Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Antonio Sánchez Jara to attend the EU Film Festival where the Spanish film, Broken Embraces, was showcased. We knew we were in for a treat when the film opened with a softcore sex scene an artistic expression of transient need and pedestrian convenience in the form of high heels, a newspaper and a cunningly positioned couch.

After the movie, being die-hard foodies, we went for something less artistic and more hardcore.

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