L’Entrepot Bistrot at Clarke Quay (near the bungee)

Lobster Bisque (with Bokeh)

Ironically, sometimes having a pedigree can be an albatross around one’s neck. Such is the predicament for Chef Sufian of L’Entrepot Bistrot. It seems that everyone is going to his restaurant just because he was formerly from Iggy’s and then complain how it’s not like Iggy’s.

That hardly seems fair because:

  • L’Entrepot is not Iggy’s
  • Which part of Bistrot you don’t understand?
  • [reminder: think of polite way of asking if people are just looking for a cheap Iggy’s.]

In all fairness, don’t you think we should simply look at the present without the burden of the past?

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Posted on 29th Oct 2009 in Bistro/Trattoria, Food and Drink, French  |  6 comments

La Fromagerie On Mohamed Sultan Road


La Fromagerie on Mohamed Sultan is so popular that two flickr members bicker, amongst other things, over it to the point of banning each other from their personal flickr repository. Maybe someone should form an Society For People With Too Much Time On Their Hands (Singapore) to save us from the manipulations and the tyranny of the inane, foreign or domestic.

Anyway, I was hoping to visit Azhang but my small appetite drove us to pick La Fromagerie although the response to my suggestion of a cheese fondue was a “Hell no”, but not in so many words.

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Posted on 25th Feb 2009 in Bistro/Trattoria, Food and Drink, French  |  2 comments

La Strada At Shaw Center On Scotts Road


Joone! was ill for a while and she had visions of eggs, dishes made from eggs with eggs on top and eggy sauces on the side courtesy of the food bloggers on her extensive egg blog roll which probably has eggs in it.

She sent an sms indicating her availability for dinner so I suggested La Strada since she sent me a picture of a egg floating on top of some pasta served at La Strada a few days before.

You see, give me a clear sign and I will, in the fullness of time, get the message.

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Posted on 3rd Aug 2008 in Bistro/Trattoria, Food and Drink, Italian  |  7 comments

Cork Cellar Kitchen At Capital Tower


It’s been a while since Joone! and I had a meal together, so we decided to go to Sage which recently opened next to my favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, it was fully booked.

This presented a problem as this blog’s forte is in eating and not suggesting places to eat. Furthermore Joone! has a very discerning palate and more often than not, she’s been to all the restaurants I suggest. So a quick check with this blog’s favorite food reference site came up with a name.

And to my surprise and delight, Joone! has never heard of this restaurant before. Yes!

*punches fist in the air*

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La Noce On Chu Lin Road


Many people have been disappointed with the closure of Papi on Mohammed Sultan Road. Although an interesting fromagerie has opened in its place, the lost of a great place for authentic pizza and pasta at a very reasonable price was still keenly felt by a lot of people.

However, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open to the whereabouts of Chef Salvatore Catalano. And as luck would have it, his former next door neighbour, Patrick of Azhang, mentioned that Chef Salvatore started a catering company doing private dinners and had recently, around April 2007, started renovations for a new trattoria.

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Posted on 3rd Dec 2007 in Bistro/Trattoria, Food and Drink, Italian  |  22 comments

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