Hubert de Bouard de Laforest at Seven on Club


Truth be told, I’ve no idea what to expect from Seven on Club since it has gone through so many iterations from Mediterranean to Modern European. I ended up chilling on the veranda, sipping Champagne with Peter, reminiscing on the whiskey dinners he used to have in his World Gourmet Summit line-up.

We also touched upon how the Michelin Guide has finished its recruitment of inspectors and how they are making the rounds now. Truth be told, how many restaurants in Singapore do you think really qualify for a 2-star rating (much less a 3-star)?

More importantly, how many restaurants can sustain 3-star levels of quality and service? Is the pursuit worth it, especially with such a small market? How many restaurants will, like the Ouroboros, end up eating itself in the never-ending pursuit?

Anyway, M. Hubert was in town and the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage de Singapour was tasting wines from his portfolio and Ted had the brilliant idea of pairing the red wines with red meat.

That is the tale, the rest is detail.

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The “Young Chefs At The Chaine” Dinner At Pierside


The last time this blog attended an event where upcoming young Chefs were cooking under one roof was at the Slow Food Singapore Luncheon at Au Petit Salut. However, it featured foreign Chefs.

This time, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs of Singapore Dinner featuring their youngest member Chefs all cooking at the Pierside at One Fullerton to prepare a course or two for dinner. They were Chefs Robin Ho, Robert Chan, Jimmy Chok, Jason Lee, Dennis Sim and Daniel Sia.

The instructions to the Chefs was basically: none of the frou-frou stuff, we want good solid classical food.

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Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Non-Professionals Dinner 2008 & The Singaporean Oyster


The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs du Singapour holds an annual dinner to honor its professional members by having non-professionals muck about in the cavernous kitchens trying to cook a meal. Granted that the non-professional members are mostly gourmands (that’s like a foodie but with money), you can’t but help wonder what the professionals in the F&B industry think about strangers practicing foodism in the kitchens.

One of the highlights of this dinner are the oysters that are shucked early in the day (around 8.30am, I’m told). All 7,000 of them, so it’s no wonder that this event is also known as the Oyster Dinner.

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Chaine de Rotisseurs’s “Roast A Steer” Night


It’s said that once upon a long ago, a member of the Chaine turned vegetarian and asked the Council to include a few Vegetarian events for a change. When this was related to me, I replied that this would be very difficult as not many people would dress to the nines and attend an event with lots of ceremony just to roast a couple of carrots and a turnip.

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Archipelago Ale and Hainanese Food At The Tavern


This blog does not like beer or ale. I prefer my alcoholic beverage made from fruits, not cereals. So it is with some dubiousness that I accepted an invitation from my dear friend Henry to the Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs of Singapore dinner at The Tavern. They were doing a Hainanese Food and Ale pairing.

What’s more, they were testing out their newly created Archipelago Samui Ale with us before it was to be launched in July of this year.

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