And now for something completely different…

Nothing like Champagne to do color balancing. :)

This food blog is neither closed nor dormant and I aten’t dead. I’m busy with work what with having a day job and all, so it’ll take a little time to update this blog.

Before I sign off, I would like to share a thought with you:

I’ve been receiving a lot of email from people talking about their disdain of Bordeaux wines because it is “boring”, “mainstream” or “uninteresting”. I find this grandstanding tedious.

Unlike them, I am unable to make such a judgement call, mainly because I don’t think I drink widely enough (I try my best though). And frankly, I think no one has either.

In any case, these discerning people would seem more credible to me if I didn’t see them eagerly hold out their glasses for a pour of, for example, a Ch. Lagrange 2007.

My guess is that they’ve been drinking a different kind of Bordeaux.



Posted on 9th Nov 2012 in Musings, Wine Tasting Notes


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