Noche de Tequila en el Iguana del café

collage¡Hola! Ésta es una cuenta de mi tiempo maravilloso en la cena de Tequila llevada a cabo en el iguana del café. Esto era una gran cena organizada por Maritza, Jeremy y Jeff.

¡Agradece a individuos!

I have been to Cafe Iguana at Riverside Point (near Brewerkz and Wine Garage) over many years and I have always had fun. It used to be an after-work hangout. The service is good and the Margaritas strong and beautiful.

Mi solamente pesar es que quitaron mi guisado de la tajada del cordero del favorito que burbujeaba en un pote de piedra. Alas.

But life goes on. And so did the Margaritas. Seriously, if you are looking for the best Margarita and widest selection of Tequilas in Singapore, go no further.

One Margarita

It all started out about a month ago when it was suggested that we have a Tequila Night. I guess it is to train ourselves for the upcoming Vodka Night. As good friends and organizations go, it had a life of its own and from a small gathering, it grew out of control into a medium-sized gathering.


I managed to convince Budak and MrsBudak to join us. Sven was very obliging and really fun. Joe was also invited but she had a Girl’s Night Out of her own. Reciente "el hombre" Runes puede respetar eso.

Appetizers RIMG0132 Potato stuffed with onions

Had a bit of a wait as people got a bit late. The fajitas and stuffed potato were not as filling as I thought, but the Margaritas were excellent. Reciente "el hombre" Runes recomienda el pedir la versión "fuerte" adicional.

The first course arrived and my tongue retreated at the first taste of the Blood Orange and Monkfish Ceviche.

Blood Orange and Monkfish Ceviche

Ceviche (Sir-Vee-Chay), according to hearsay, is raw fish that is cooked in an "acidic medium" which is lime and other citric juices and spices for about a day. That’s a very interesting way to cook fish, slow though.

Blood Orange and Monkfish Ceviche

After the initial curling up of the tongue, the Ceviche grew tastier and tastier as I tasted and tasted it. Again, I heard Jeremy say this is what he calls "Palate Transition". It was really good and an excellent starter to whet the appetite. The Corralejo Blanco tequila that was served with it was bright and sunny and was perfectly matched with the Ceviche. In fact, I can’t think of a wine that would go as well as the Tequila.

Besides, if there were any doubts about the citrus juices not cooking the fish, they were long gone after the tasting of the Tequila.

The Crab Cakes were a tamer course, but of course, it was spiced up by the Corazón Reposado. "Corazón Reposado" means My Resting Heart or Be Still My Heart.

Roasted Poblano Crab Cake with Smoked Corn Sauce

It pays to understand Spanish. Or at least sit close to people who do.

Anyway, it was, surprisingly, a very mild (for a Tequila) full-bodied
tequila with hints of vanilla (from French Oaks, we speculate) that was oddly calming. The full-bodiness and the smoky corn
sauce was matched perfectly.

Duck Confit Tamale with Flan of Mole Rojo Duck Confit Tamale with Flan of Mole Rojo Duck Confit Tamale with Flan of Mole Rojo Estee Lauder Skin Whitening Test

The Duck Confit Tamale with Flan of Mole Rojo appeared to be very similar to our Nasi Lemak. Wrapped in Banana leaf, it gave off the same pleasant aromas. The Mezcal Del Maguey San Luis that went with it was smoky and complemented the banana leaf flavour.

As this was my third Duck Confit of the week (second for the day), I am pretty sure I know what a good duck confit is. Unfortunately, the Tamale came out too dry. I choked on it for a while and gave up. Even mashing it up with the Flan did not help. I would recommend leaving the duck fat and pork lard in the Duck Confit Tamale in the future.

Cold Cilantro Soup with Pan Seared Scallop

One thing I like about Mexican food is the cunning mix of citrus and milky flavours without curdling one’s palate or stomach. Another fun thing about the cuisine is the interaction with the food, e.g. wrapping of Tortillas and the pouring of cold Cilantro Soup over a pan-seared Scallop and finally shooting it down with a El Charro Margarita.

Cold Cilantro Soup with Pan Seared Scallop Cold Cilantro Soup Cold Cilantro Soup with Pan Seared Scallop Cold Cilantro Soup with Pan Seared Scallop Cold Cilantro Soup with Pan Seared Scallop

Fun! Fun! Fun!

El Charro Margarita Shot

Very Fun!

A lot of people thought that the best dish of the evening was the Lamb Loin. Biblical jokes aside, what I thought was the twist in this dish was the Plantains which gave it a very sweet pairing. And serving the meat with Jose Cuervo Reserve de la Familia is something that is not done often enough. I think the serving of a smoky sweet Cognac or Aged Tequila with steaks is a lost practice that should be brought back.

Lamb Loin Tostone with Roasted Tomato Jus Plantains! (Lamb Loin Tostone with Roasted Tomato Jus) Lots of Tequila + Sharp Edges = Bad Idea

I like.

Of course, the provision of sharp objects to people who have had a lot of Tequila is a questionable practice.

And all of a sudden, the meal wound to a close with the serving of the Fried Banana Sopapilla with Rompope.

Fried Banana Sopapilla with Rompope Fried Banana Sopapilla with Rompope

I thought the Plantain was fantastically sweet and scrumptious. All bananas and Plantains should be this sweet.

The Herradura Sling Cocktail, I feel, was hastily done. I hate ice cubes in my cocktails as it causes an imbalance with the mixture. Crushed ice is the way to go. While the cocktail was good sweet and bitter like a good bitter lemon, it was spoiled by the ice cubes, so I did not finish mine.

Night of the Living Dead RIMG0193 Three Margaritas The Evils of drinking Tequila

What I thought was going to be a simple dinner turned out to be a grand affair with classy printed menus and all.

Dan Durkin, the Executive Chef (and GM, I think) and his team did a wonderful job in creating the menu, pairing the Tequilas and executing the whole event. ¡excelente!

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eLAnee commented on April 30, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Reading yr blog makes me hungry!
*stomach growling*


joe commented on May 2, 2006 at 1:11 pm

glad you guys had fun togok-ing… i had a nice girls night out too! except for one thing..

big girls should not hang out with skinny ones… it makes us look bad. 😛

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