A quick guide to the World Streetfood Congress 2013


The World Streetfood Congress is dedicated to awww screw this: let the deep thoughts come later but for now, head on down to the event at F1 Pit Building & Paddock, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975.

There are many reasons to do this and they are…


Indian Bhelpuri, a crispy crunchy salad with a tangy mango sauce and yoghurt

…well, food of course but not just any food; you’re talking about 37 streetfood masters from 10 countries coming down to cook their best for you. 37 reasons to come on down.

The event is open from 31st May till 9th June. They start around 11am and close around 10pm. There’re masterclasses and a live band performing at night. More deets here.


Porchetta Sandwich, roast crackling pork with Fennel Pollen, Chili, Arugula and Roasted Soft Garlic on Ciabatta. Awesomeness.

It’s meaningless to ask me which is the best of them all because it would be presumptious to impose my palate on you by giving you a Top 10 Best of the Best list. However, if there’s any advice I’d give on how best to enjoy the event, they would be:

  • Bring at least 1 friend with you. Or 2 or 4 friends. It’s 37 stalls of good eating with some offering more than 1 specialty, so grazing and sharing amongst good company is key to maximum enjoyment.
  • Experience the community. Talk: everyone’s here because of the food. United we eat, enjoy and share.
  • Bring cash to buy the coupons. They come in $10 packs, but don’t overbuy: just start with $30 (for every 2 persons) and buy the coupons as needed.
  • Bring paper napkins. The drippings of gravy, sauce and goodness is part of the streetfood experience. It’s messy but you don’t have to be.
  • Don’t be afraid. For the non-Asian, some of the items may look strange but that’s the point of experiencing World Streetfood no?

The World Streetfood Congress is at F1 Pit Building & Paddock, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975, open from 31st May 2013 – 9th June 2013, 11am to 10pm.


Chef Chris Allen of the Eurotrash Foodcart selling amazing Soft-shelled Crab Burgers. These sell out fast.


Thai Hoy Tord, a seafood omelette with squid, prawn and oysters


Mexican Seafood Tostada, 5-levels of heat. The whole street cheers loudly when you order level 5. 🙂


Making Indonesian Kerak Telor, a sweet egg dessert with toasted brown sugar and coconut. The aromas will blow you away.


Vietnamese Nam Bo. Banana coated with coconut cream and covered with glutinous rice, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to crispiness. To die for…


Making Indian Bhelpuri. Describing it as a crispy crunchy salad with an tangy mango sauce does not do it justice. You have to try this experience the complexity of flavors and textures.


Vietnamese Bahn Khot & Bahn Xeo. Seafood Quail Omelette with minced pork


Indonesian Nasi Kapau from Padang. It’s the precursor to Nasi Padang. Everyone talks about the outstanding 12-hour cooked Beef Rendang with crispy jackfruit but don’t ignore the crispy beef lung in a tangy chili vinaigrette.


Deep-fried Soft-shelled Crab Burger. ’nuff said except that it sells out very quickly.


Thai Tua Paep & Khao Kriab Pak Moh. The first (if I’m not wrong) is a savory snack dipped in a chili vinaigrette, the other is steamed bananas in rice flour coated with mung beans and coconut.


Nordic Pork Sandwich. The combination of grilled pork, crackling, pickled cucumber and radish and a special mustard mayo makes it a taste explosion. For people who rely on branding as an indication of “goodness”, it’s by Claus Meyer of Noma.

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