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Tea is a complex subject with it’s different variations, categories and even its own language, it can be intimidating. I’m sure many of you have walked out of teashops where the salesperson is either condescending or shallow or both. And given the high prices of tea and its associated paraphernalia, we are unsure if we are receiving proper value or merely taken for a ride.

Surely there is an easier way to appreciate and enjoy tea?


Yes, there is. With a new wave of modern tea sharing sessions coming up, especially those run by Pekoe & Imp, gaining tea knowledge is getting easier and less fussy, and certainly none of that holier-than-thou nonsense from your old-world tea teachers and sales executives.

And with Lupicia opening in Singapore by Samantha and Eugene, there is no better time to allievate your artisanal coffee fatigue with fresh and bright tea.

While Lupicia Singapore does not carry the full range of teas, a seasonal selection is offered at their Great World City Basement outlet. Seasonal changes keeps the tea selection fresh.


Douglas Adams once wrote that the intoxicating thing that is still perfectly legal is to open a bag of Earl Grey and sniff the contents. And with 100 different varieties of tea, Lupicia caters to all manner of preferences from the light refreshing scent of the Tsugaru Apple, Grapefruit and Peach, or the dark and exotic chai teas.

Most of the teas are available in tins with bright labels as loose leaf or in silk tea bags. Each different tea comes with it’s specific brewing instructions written clearly so that you maximize your enjoyment of the tea.

For me, the absolute stand-outs are the Tsugaru Apple because I like apples and the Chai tea spices. For most people, chai tea can be so over-powering that the senese shut down, but the Lupicia chai spices (Marsala Ginger, Marsala Cardamon & Pepper and Marsala Cinnamon) are thankfully delicate and flavorful. A most enjoyable after-dinner or before-bed drink.


For me, the strongest selling point of Lupicia is their gift sets. Carefully packaged and wrapped as only the Japanese know how, you can mix and match the teas and accessories to tailor to your gift requirements.

Accessories include elegant tea pots from Taiwan, Japan and China, tea strainers, modern tea makers, scoops and caddies. Everything you need to start an enlightened journey of tea.

And I am eyeing that Matcha whisk carved from a single piece of bamboo. It prevents the Matcha powder from clumping and creates a delicious foam that’s delicious and delightful.


Lupicia occupies that unqiue niche where modernity gives tradition an uplift to make an ancient beverage steeped in lore and arcane terms more approachable to people. The gift sets are well thought-out and beautiful. And with their friendly and knowledgeable staff, you are sure to find a tea to suit every taste and occasion.

Lupicia Singapore is at Great World City #B1-12 Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore 237994, Tel: +65 6737 0334, Store Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm.

EDIT: I mistakenly wrote that Lupicia, Great World City carries 40 different types of tea. This is incorrect and the paragraph has been updated to reflect the correct quantity.



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