Convalescent Food and a recipe for a melty cheese bacon sandwich with roasted tomatoes on the vine

Convalescent Food

I recently lost the use of my right eye due to an infection. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent and I’m not trying to mindfuck you with a guilt-trip about how sight is important, about how people do not appreciate the gift of sight and how blind people will never enjoy the colors of the world. No, there’s Facebook for people like that.

No, this is about the food I ate while on the road to recovery and the people who fed me. And a melty cheese bacon sandwich recipe.


Basically, I was eating two small meals a day for about a week, if I ate at all. I figured if I was going to spend most of my time in bed in a dark room, you don’t need much food and there wasn’t much appetite.

Depth-perception was difficult but I’ll be damned if I can’t boil water, fry an egg and some bacon for dinner. Not my best work but it will be sad if I cannot fry bacon and eggs with only one eye working and the other hurting.

I was a little surprised when she said she’d visit me and cook me dinner. She spent an entire day cooking three courses. Being Peranakan, all spices were pounded and ground from scratch and slowly cooked to extract flavor. She made Chicken Liver Salad, Thai Green Curry Chicken and a most excellent Chorizo, Pork Loin and Bean stew with roasted Bell Peppers.

I slowly savored the Chorizo Bean stew and ate it over 2 days. She cooked the best stew I’ve had all year.


Mum and Sis came over for dinner when I was feeling better bearing lots of food like the famous Fong Kee duck, roast pork and char siew. The Roast Pork was very clean-tasting and the Char Siew was satisfyingly fatty but I threw away the chicken the next day because it gave off a rank smell after heating it up. You don’t need eyes for that.

Mum made her delicious “pizza bread” with tomato sauce, pineapple and ham which I augmented with some bacon. It’s a fact that things taste even better with bacon.

Convalescent Food

During dinner, I revealed where my favorite baguette was sold and so mum went out and got a loaf for me the next day. I celebrated with bacon and tomatoes and micro chives and garlic as a garnish.

Convalescent Food

And my sister bought me a whole Maoshanwang Durian. Packed full of nuitrients, it was such a treat that I finished it all in about 20 minutes, about the time my sister took to drive home.


And finally, when I could finally open my eyes, I celebrated with a mixed grill of pork collar, wagyu beef and roasted shishito peppers. It wasn’t as good as the bean stew she made though. 🙂

Convalescent Food

Bacon Raclette on Baguette with Roasted Tomatoes

There’s nothing like a melty cheese and bacon with roasted tomatoes on a baguette to fortify you on the road to recovery. It’s so easy to assemble that even a half-blind man can do it.

Ingredients: (makes 1 sandwich)

  • 1/2 Baguette split length-wise.
  • 4 Cherry Tomatoes on the vine.
  • 5 rashers of bacon (streaky is fine, back bacon preferred).
  • 25g of Raclette Cheese, thin-sliced and cut into small strips.
  • Micro herbs to garnish.
  • Crushed Black Pepper to taste.


  1. Preheat a oven to 180°C.
  2. Lay the sliced baguette lengths on a baking tray.
  3. Lay the bacon on a cold pan and heat to medium-high.
  4. Partially cook the bacon until the fat has rendered.
  5. Assemble the cheese on the flat of one of the baguette lengths.
  6. Slice the tomatoes in half and lay on top of the cheese.
  7. Lay the partially-cooked bacon on the flat of the other baguette length.
  8. Place the baguettes into the oven for 25 minutes or until the tomatoes have collapsed and the cheese has melted.
  9. Pepper the bacon, garnish with the micro herbs.
  10. Assemble the baguettes and serve while hot.


  • This recipe allows for multi-tasking. You can assemble the baguettes, cheese and tomatoes while the bacon is rendering.
  • You can use any other cheese but I prefer Raclette as a melting cheese. You can use Gruyère if you prefer a good melting cheese with a milder-flavor.

Convalescent Food

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yixiao commented on September 12, 2013 at 11:07 am

hope you are feeling better =)


ivan commented on September 17, 2013 at 1:53 am

Yup! Thanks for asking!

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