Porterhouse Beef and Chianti Night at Azhang’s

collageThis is the first (I think) Social Night since the opening of Azhang’s on Mohamed Sultan Road. This spread by word of mouth and finally, I got an email from Patrick confirming the 14.8kg worth of Porterhouse Beef on Sunday.

For those who belong to the Non-Metric world, that’s two cows worth of beef.

That’s all you need to know.

As mentioned before, meat attracts.

After a misadventure with a wrong bus, I arrived at Azhang’s just in time to see the meat flaming on the grill.

RIMG0009 14.8 Kg of Porterhouse Beef (Two Cows)

Mind the crappy photos. It was taken from quite a distance away. Azhang has strict kitchen rules. Anyway, man-handling 7-8kg pieces of meat on a grill is tough work.

Yes, my dear vegetarians, this is what we meat-eaters do.

14.8 Kg of Porterhouse Beef (Two Cows) RIMG0010

And gosh, I really must get my own flame grill too.

The problem with grilling such a huge side of meat is that the bone tends to conduct the heat away from the interior and hence while you get a beautiful charring on the outside, the inside remains somewhat untouched.

RIMG0040 RIMG0038

So after some carving and it’s back on the grill again.

RIMG0033 RIMG0029

Of course, the other alternative is to put it on a spit, carving slices as you grill. This blog shall make no mention of a whole buffalo roasting on a spit inside an emptied swimming pool at a prominent Hotel in Singapore.

Meanwhile, in the dining hall, each guest was met with an interesting cocktail. Chianti with peaches.

Peaches in Chianti

The reason was that after dinner, the peaches will be infused with the Chianti and that’s dessert. Actually, I was surprised to find the aroma of the peaches drawn by the Chianti improved the drink tremendously. Interesting mix…

Finally, the gentler guests get to sample the final result which looks a little like an all-protein pizza.

RIMG0041 RIMG0045

Served simply with Arugula and Parmesan, slowly, platters of the flank, loin and other beef parts came circulating around.

RIMG0055 Beef Loin with Risotto

There were also stir-fried vegetables and a Risotto served with the meat, for the more carbo-minded person.

RIMG0060 RIMG0044

The vegetables were done just the way I like it. Full of flavour (Oyster sauce) with just the right crunch. Ordinarily, I like my Risotto creamy and soupy, but the one served at Azhang was of the consistency of Lo Mai Kai (Steamed chicken in Glutinous rice). It looked mundane, but tasted delightfully rich and creamy.

Usually, for scientific reasons that have little to do with science, this blog uses the time-tested Thumbshot(tm) to show scale.

RIMG0017 Thumbshot!

Unfortunately, this time, the mere thumb is not enough and this blog had to risk life and limb to bring you a better scale to give you an idea just how big those damn things were.


Seriously, there was popping and crackling going on as the beef cooled.

Peach soaked in Chianti

Finally came dessert. First the Chianti-infused peaches, then the Tiramisu.

There was a departure from the usual Whiskey or Cognac. This Tiramisu used Jamaican Rum. Eva said she let a whole bottle of Rum run over the sponge fingers.

Tiramisu Tiramisu Tiramisu Tiramisu

Ooooooh… And finally, as most Italians do, freshly brewed coffee was chased with some fine Grappa.


What a bad way to start a work week. 😉

Posted on 30th May 2006 in Food and Drink


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Cactuski commented on May 30, 2006 at 7:40 am

Beef, no way?!!! Remember “cheng” reduces weight?
but the dessert looks super yummy though…


ivan commented on May 30, 2006 at 12:46 pm

No one wants to go with me for the “cheng” part leh!


sesame commented on May 31, 2006 at 7:53 pm

I don’t eat beef but I must say you’ve took some really nice pix here. Interesting to see the dish being prepared too.

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