SFCSS at Oso Ristorante

collageOso Ristorante is an Italian eatery opened by Chef Diego Chiarini and restaurant manager Stephane Colleoni, formerly from Senso.

CNBC was there doing a feature on us. I got interviewed, but I am convinced that I will be cut out. I do not have a photo-friendly face and I don’t speak all that well.

Anyway, this is my first time at Oso. Near the entrance was a rack of bottles of Grappa, being a Grappa lover this bode well.

cutter cheeserack bigcheese

Inside was a cozy area with a nice setting. What amazed me most was this small room filled with cheese and Parma ham. Diego was inside busy preparing the Parmesan (dribbled with olive oil). Walking inside, for me, was heavenly. The cheese aromas mingled with the smokey ham, the truffle oil and honey. Wonderful.

Here’s a shot of the Parma ham. Interesting tidbit: The light coloured ham is the one that has been aged. The reason is because of the Bone.

antipasti2 antipasta antipasti1

Beats me why. Always trust the bone. 😉


Of course, the highlight of the lunch was the chocolate soup. Dark, grainy and warm.


When it was served, the room went silent.

Remember the scene at the 101 resturant in the Matrix Reloaded? Yup. 😉

The vanilla gelato was almost a distraction but it counterbalanced the unctious dark chocolate.

The cheese platter was fun. Not as much cheese as I would have liked, but it was fun nibbling on it. Here’s a trick to use when introducing someone new to cheese: dipping cheese in honey will take some of the bite off and round out the sharp flavours.

But on to an even more important thing. The wines were pretty good. Solid Italian reds. The Chianti classicos etc. What I really enjoyed was the Grappa. Not just any eau de vie. This particular Grappa is my personal favorite; distilled from the Muscat grape, it is extremely fragrant. A smooth and flavourful distillation. Pure aromatic Muscat.

The trick to imbibing Grappa is to allow the alcohol (take a small sip) to evaporate slightly on your tongue, filling the mouth with the heady vapours of the good things that went into the distillate and finally slowly letting the fluid slide down your throat.

Shooting it down will curl the hairs on your chest and most likely sear your throat badly, if not kill you (35-40% alcohol).


And yes, doing that sucking-to-the-back-of-your-throat thing (for wines) with this baby will melt your dentures and remove your tonsils. ;PPP

Anyway, all in all it was a great lunch. Made new friends, caught up with old. The very spirit of a Slow Food Convivium.

Posted on 5th Oct 2005 in Italian, Slow Food Singapore


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food.recentrunes.com | Papi at Mohammed Sultan Road commented on June 2, 2009 at 12:59 pm

[…] is part of the Oso Ristorante group. And is located at 5, Mohammed Sultan Road and can be contacted at 67326269 for […]

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