My Mum’s Place Redux

Last month I was too tired to take photos of our dinner there. This month, I made sure I took a nap before going for the dinner. It turned out I became too tipsy to focus. ;P

Umami’s the place to go for better photos.


This is the monthly Solidah Makan Kaki outing. As you can see, we had a blast. In fact, we were smashed.

We started at about 8pm and finally left the place at around 1am.

Don’t believe the photo. We were actually much happier and rowdier than that. ;P


Everyone was hungry when the first dish came out. Personally, I don’t fancy fish slice hor fun as I find it too bland but the Sam Lor Hor Fun changed my mind. Delicately flavoured fish slices with lots and lots of chewy kway teow with bean sprouts for that added crunch.


Then came the house specialty: Seafood Tau Pok. By inverting the tau pok, you achieve that crispy outer layer. It was served with a sweet chilli dip.


My favourite Luohan Chai made an appearance after that. Black fungus, Tanghoon, dates etc all cooked in a special fermented beancurd and wine lees sauce. I was in heaven.


Not to be outdone, the famous Golden Baby Squid was served. This is the stuff that will make you promise to be a better man if only you can have one more serving.

In fact we had two orders. But this is typical. The last time I was here, we ordered it four times. Yes. It’s that good.


The Kam Heong Prawns were swimming in the special sauce with curry leaves. Unfortunately, I am not a prawn person, so can’t say much about except that it was plentiful and everyone was silent for a moment, slowly savouring it.


Going to take a time out to mention the wines. Our table brought wines from literally all over the world, from the noble French, the ancient Greek (I brought 2 and 4 this time), sunny Australian and to the emerging Indian.

It was like touring the world in 13 courses.

What caught my eye in particular was the Nantua. It had one of the most beautiful labels I have seen. I really hope someone has a better shot than mine. No wonder it was called the Wedding Wine.

The crispy fish with spicy sauce was so-so, mainly because there wasn’t enough meat on the fish. The sauce was sambally excellent. A pity.


The provocatively named ‘My Mum’s Meatballs’ is one of the ultimate finger food. Served with either a piquant Sambal Belacan or sweet chilli sauce, it is mmm-mmm good!


And if you are in a hurry (which is an unfortunate thing), then the Steamed Chicken with Salted fish is your thing. Eat with steamed rice, it’s a comfort food.

I love anything with roast pork, chicken and salted fish. 😉


Like all Chinese dinners, we rounded off with a noodle dish. OMG, this Black sauce Hokkien Mee is to die for.

Dark, fragrant, piping hot mee with pieces of pork lard (that’s where all the flavour is folks). Although I was stuffed, I actually had 3 helpings.

Finally, came the dessert. Having tried the Or Nee and not being too terribly impressed, I went for the durian brulee. This is the palate killer. We made sure we finished all the dessert wines before having this. Smooth with fibrous durian strands. Very very good!


Here’s the group photo of My Mum’s Place (Shirley, the proprietress is in the red apron while Moses the chef is the goateed one, the three on the left are Shirley’s family) with the Solidah committee members.


It was a great night. Final count: 27 pax, 11 courses (excluding replays) and 27 bottles of wine.

Thanks eslim for organising a wonderful dinner and the great people at My Mum’s Place for their kind patience.

[Sorry for the odd sized pictures. I am enjoying a glass of Sauternes now…)

Posted on 15th Oct 2005 in Cantonese, Chinese, Makankaki


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