Boxing Day Dinner 2005 at Azhang’s

Boxing Day occurs on the 26th of December, a day after Christmas. According to hearsay, it was started by Queen Victoria to box up all the Christmas presents.

RIMG0011 Pre-dinner drinks RIMG0041 RIMG0009

For us, it’s just another excuse to have a great meal with friends at Azhang’s. For those who do not know Azhang’s, it’s a cozy place on Joo Chiat that features Middle Eastern-ish food in a warm and friendly environment.


The nice thing here is that there’s nice corner for pre-dinner drinks while Patrick gets everything ready. This time there was a cream cheese and cranberries dip that went very well with the carrot sticks. Mmmm… Healthy…

More health food arrived in the form of a duck salad. Now this is a duck salad like no other.

Duck Salad Slicing the duck salad Duck Salad Sauce for Duck salad

As you can see, it’s my kind of salad. Served with a sauce made from the puree of peach and orange, it’s to die for.

Duck leg exterior Duck Salad Duck Salad close up Chestnut stuffing for the duck salad

The ducks themselves were stuffed with onions and chestnuts which imparted a slightly sweet, smoke flavour to the ducks. The carrots were also glazed with the orange and peach juice. While it was served as a started, this could serve as a main course too. Despite the name. 😉

And just when you thought that you were stuffed, the main course of Quails with Couscous and Long Bean Casserole arrived.

RIMG0033 Quail and Couscous

The quails were fresh from the farm. Tender and juicy. The couscous was so-so, I guess it was overwhelmed by the quails.

Long Bean Casserole

The long bean casserole looks deceptively mild, but upon opening it up, an aroma of delicious smells wafted up to the heavens. Cheese, mushrooms, French beans and bacon. What’s not to like?

Fried Ee Fu Noodles with Turkey and French Beans

Finally, because there was a birthday boy, Patrick made Ee Fu Noodles with left over turkey from Christmas. I love Ee Fu Noodles!

Ginger Puddings Ginger Pudding with Brandy butter

Dessert came in the form of Ginger Pudding with Brandy butter. Warm, moist and tangy. It is a very comforting dessert and an excellent way to round of a wonderful Boxing Day dinner.


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